The car turbo is a component that optimizes the engine’s power. It recovers exhaust gases before they are expelled and redirects them back into the engine to increase the air supply. This improves the quality of combustion and generates more power. While the turbocharger is a robust part, it can still experience failures that require repair or replacement to prevent damage to the engine. In this article, we will explore the cost of a car turbo replacement. turbo electrique How Much Does a Car Turbo Replacement Cost?

💸 What is the cost of purchasing a turbo?

The cost of a turbocharger can vary significantly depending on the model of the car and the specific turbo variant. For an entry-level car turbo, prices range from $200 to $900, depending on the brand and vehicle model.

On the other hand, high-end turbochargers are sold at much higher prices, ranging from $3,000 to $6,000. Due to the high cost of the turbo, it is recommended to regularly maintain it by using additives or performing decarbonization to keep it clean. iStock 1329404046 arONCKe How Much Does a Car Turbo Replacement Cost?

💰 What is the labor cost for a turbo replacement?

The labor cost for a turbo replacement may vary among different garages. Factors such as the specific part to be replaced, the duration of the intervention, the geographical location, and the pricing structure of the garage can influence the labor cost. On average, the labor cost per hour ranges from $25 to $100.

A turbo replacement is a labor-intensive operation that typically takes around 5 hours. It involves disassembling various components such as the catalytic converter or oil circuit, installing the new turbo, and reassembling everything. Therefore, the labor cost for a turbocharger replacement can range from $125 to $500.

💶 What is the total cost of a turbocharger replacement?

Taking into account the purchase cost of the turbo and the labor cost, it is clear that a car turbo replacement is an expensive procedure. For a standard turbo model, the total cost of a complete replacement ranges from $325 to $1,400. However, for a high-end turbo, the price can exceed $6,500.

Since the turbo consists of different parts, sometimes only one component needs to be replaced to repair the turbocharger. In such cases, the cost can be:

  • $100 to $300 for a wastegate replacement.
  • $200 to $600 for an intercooler replacement.

Replacing a car turbo is a costly but necessary operation to ensure the proper functioning and performance of the engine. It is advisable to compare different garages when the turbo needs to be replaced, especially after covering approximately 200,000 kilometers / 125,000 Miles.