The working hours of the Bank of Alexandria do not differ much in its various branches. By searching for the Bank of Alexandria, we found that it has one of the largest networks of private sector branches currently in Egyptian territory, as it has so far been able to have more than 170 branches located in various parts of the Republic. It has also contributed to solving the unemployment problem, because it employs about 5,000 employees, so we explain the working hours of the Bank of Alexandria and its branches via GoStart.Biz.

Bank of Alexandria number

  • It is now possible to contact the Bank of Alexandria around the clock in several different ways. You can contact the Bank of Alexandria number via the hotline 19033.
  • You can also communicate via email through [email protected].

Bank of Alexandria working hours 2023

The working hours of the Bank of Alexandria do not differ in its branches, as it was stated that the working hours of the Bank of Alexandria are from 8:30 in the morning until 5 in the evening, and some branches operate from 8:30 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon.

  • Therefore, it is easy for customers to learn about the most important services that the Bank of Alexandria provides to its valued customers in all governorates.
  • Which includes the money transfer service, where customers can send and receive money via Western Union, which in turn has been able to spread around the world in more than 200 countries.

Alexandria Bank branches in Cairo Governorate

  • Alexandria Bank branches – Cairo.
  • Tahrir Branch: 1 Qasr El Nil Street, in front of the Egyptian Museum – Downtown.
  • Qasr Al-Nil Branch: 49 Qasr Al-Nil Street, next to Al-Kakhia Mosque – downtown.
  • Sharif Branch: 23 Gawad Hosny Street, in front of the Central Bank of Egypt – downtown
  • Al-Falaki Branch: 8 People’s Assembly Street, in front of the Ministry of Health – Downtown
  • Garden City Branch: 20A Gamal El-Din Abu Al-Mahasin Street, behind Four Seasons Nile Plaza – Garden City
  • Shubra Branch: 46 Shubra Street, next to the Shubra District Presidency
  • Al-Moski Branch: 14 Jawhar Al-Qaed Street – Al-Moski.
  • Manial Branch: 5 Mamalek Square, Baibars Tower – next to Metro Market – Manial Al Rawda.
  • Abbasiya Branch: 3A Ramses Extension Street, Misr Tourism Tower – Abbasiya Square.
  • Ghamra Branch: 227 Ramses Street, in front of the Specialized Cardiology Center and near the Mobile Gas Station – Ghamra.
  • Hadayek Al-Qubba Branch: 18 Al-Quds Street, off Wali Al-Ahd Street, next to Al-Tawheed and Al-Nour – Hadayek Al-Qubba.
  • Egypt and Sudan Branch: 123 Egypt and Sudan Street, in front of Omar Effendi – Hadayek Al-Qubba.

Alexandria Bank branches, Nasr City

  • Abbas Al-Akkad Branch: 59 Abbas Al-Akkad Street, Mustafa Al-Nahhas Branch – Nasr City.
  • City Stars Branch: 2 Al-Raed Ali Rashed Street, Makram Ebeid Extension – Nasr City.
  • Investment Authority Branch: 3 Salah Salem Street – General Authority for Investment – Nasr City.
  • Seventh District Branch: 9 Abdullah Al-Arabi Street, extension of Al-Tayyaran Street – Nasr City.
  • Aviation Branch: 15 Al-Tayaran Street, Rabaa Al-Adawiya Square – Nasr City.
  • Nasr City Club Branch: 5 Al-Makhayam Al-Daem Street – in front of Al-Azhar University – Nasr City Club wall
  • Alexandria Bank branches – Zamalek.
  • Zamalek Branch: 8 Al Kamel Mohamed Street, next to the Libyan Embassy – Zamalek.
  • Marriott Branch: Inside the Marriott Hotel in front of Nile Maxim – Zamalek.
  • 26th of July Branch: 157 26th of July Street, next to Diwan Bookstore – Zamalek.

Branches of the Bank of Alexandria, Heliopolis

  • Almaza Branch: 2 Almaza Street, off Al-Thawra Street, next to La Poire – Heliopolis.
  • Al-Khalifa Al-Maamoun Branch: 21 Al-Khalifa Al-Maamoun Street – next to Souq Al-Asr Mall – Heliopolis.
  • Concorde El Salam Branch: 65 Abdel Hamid Badawy Street, inside Concorde El Salam Hotel – Heliopolis.
  • Sheraton Residences Branch: Abdel Hamid Badawy Street, next to the Radisson Blu Hotel – Heliopolis.
  • Heliopolis Branch: 99 Shehab El Din Khafaga Street – next to Mo’men Restaurant – Merryland – Heliopolis.
  • Roxy Branch: 14 Ibrahim El-Laqani Street, near B.Tech – Heliopolis.
  • El Nozha Branch: 178 El Nozha St., Saint Fatima Square, near El Reem Shawarma – Heliopolis.
  • New Nozha Branch: 12 Ibrahim El Shawarby Street, in front of the Psychiatric Hospital – New Nozha.
  • Wadi Degla Branch: Sheraton Residences – next to Wadi Degla Club.

Alexandria Bank branches in New Cairo

  • Fifth Settlement Branch: 305 90th Street – Green Towers, next to Al Salam Shopping Center – Fifth Settlement.
  • City Club Branch – Obour City: City Club Golf Club wall, next to Vodafone – Obour City.
  • Shorouk Branch: Heliopolis Sports Club Wall – Shorouk City Branch.
  • Airport branch: inside Cairo Airport.

Alexandria Bank Maadi branches

  • Maadi Branch: 2 Wahib Dos Street, in front of Maadi Metro Station.
  • Latif Helwan Branch: 33 Haidar Street, intersection with Latif Street, in front of Helwan Secondary School for Girls.
  • Helwan Branch: 40A Mohamed Sayed Ahmed Street, next to KFC and in front of Helwan Civil Registry.
  • 15th of May Branch: Neighborhood 3 – Businessmen District, next to Al-Firdous Mosque and Al-Shahr Real Estate – 15th of May.

Bank of Alexandria branches in Giza Governorate

  • Bank of Alexandria branches – Mohandessin / Dokki.
  • Mohandiseen Branch: 31 Arab League Street, next to Trade Line Stores – Mohandiseen.
  • Dokki Branch: 131 Tahrir Street, in front of City Drink and Tahrir Cinema – Dokki.
  • FAO Branch: 11 Al-Islah Al-Zeraie Street, next to FAO and the Agricultural Museum – Dokki.
  • Shooting Club Branch: 20A, Shooting Club Street, next to Al Shahr Real Estate – Dokki.
  • Agouza Branch: 106 Nile Street, next to Bank Audi and near the Embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand – Agouza.
  • Alexandria Bank branches – Giza.
  • Giza Branch: 511 Al-Ahram Street – Giza Square.
  • Al-Bahr Al-Aazam Branch: 132 Al-Bahr Al-Aazam Street, next to the Swiss Inn Hotel – Giza.
  • Al-Hawamdiya Branch: 1 Misr Assiut Agricultural Road, in front of Malaki Al-Hawamdiya Traffic.
  • Al-Haram Branch: 187 Al-Haram Street, Aspats, in front of Al-Shabrawy Restaurant – Al-Haram.
  • Bank of Alexandria branches – October.
  • Al-Mutamayez District Branch: 48, 49 Al-Zohour Street – Third Neighborhood, Al-Mutamayez District – 6th of October.
  • Industrial Zone Branch: 44, First Industrial Zone, next to Mintra Misr for Industry – 6th of October.
  • Sheikh Zayed Branch: Mall Zayed City Center – First District – Sheikh Zayed.
  • Smart Village Branch: Financial District – next to CIB Bank – Smart Village – Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.

Alexandria Bank branches in Alexandria Governorate

  • Alexandria Bank branches – Alexandria.
  • Sidi Bishr Branch: 101 Khaled Ibn Al-Walid Street, near Mo’men Restaurant – Sidi Bishr.
  • Talaat Harb Branch: 23 Talaat Harb, near the Alexandria Passport Office – Al-Mansheya.
  • Sesostris Branch: 19 Salah Salem Street, in front of Al-Brazili Coffee Stores – Al-Attarin – Al-Mansheya.
  • Alexandria Branch: 6 Salah Salem Street, in front of Banque du Caire – Al-Mansheya.
  • Italian Consulate Branch: Embassy Street, in front of Saad Zaghloul Square and next to Raml Station.
  • Saad Zaghloul Branch: 59 Saad Zaghloul Street – in front of Le Metropole Hotel – Raml Station.
  • Sporting Branch: 2 Sidi Jaber Street, next to the Palestine Consulate – Sporting.
  • Glem Tram Branch: 174 Abdel Salam Arif St., next to the German Hospital – Glem.
  • Glim Branch: 568 Al-Horreya Road, near Misr Petroleum Station, Glim Square.
  • Kiroseiz Branch: 9 Ibrahim Sharif Street, inside Kiroseiz Mall – Mostafa Kamel.
  • Judges Club Branch: 23 Mostafa Kamel Street – Judges Club – Bolkley.
  • Abu Qir Fertilizer Branch: Tabiya, Rasheed Road, next to the Abu Qir Fertilizer Company residences.
  • Abu Qir Branch: 23 Port Said Street – El Shatby Abu Qir.
  • Dekheila Branch: The wall of Ezz Dekheila Iron and Steel Company, next to Gate (2) – Dekheila.
  • Mina Al-Basal Branch: Corner of Othman Abaza Street, in front of Al-Tarikh Bridge – Mina Al-Basal.
  • Burj Al Arab Branch: 44 Ali Bin Abi Talib Street, in front of the City Authority – New Burj Al Arab.

Bank of Alexandria branches in Delta

  • Branches of the Bank of Alexandria – Qalyubia.
  • Banha Al-Jamil Branch: Al-Jamil Street, Banha, next to Banha Court.
  • Banha Branch: 18 Saad Zaghloul Street, next to Al-Rai Al-Saleh Hospital – Banha.
  • Shubra Al-Kheima Branch: Crystal Al-Asfour Street, next to Crystal Asfour Company – Shubra Al-Kheima.
  • Al-Khanka Branch: Central Hospital Street, City Council Building – Al-Khanka.
  • Toukh Branch: Delta Street, near Casino Market – Toukh.
  • Qaha Branch: Al-Qanater Al-Khairiya Street, next to the National Bank – Qaha.

Bank of Alexandria branches in Sharkia

  • Zagazig Branch: 35 Talaat Harb Street, at the intersection with Ismail Fakhry Street, next to the fire station – Zagazig.
  • 10th of Ramadan Branch: Al-Urdoneya District, 10th of Ramadan City, next to the parking lot.
  • 10th of Ramadan Branch – Third District: Banks Area – Third District – 10th of Ramadan.
  • New 10th of Ramadan Branch: Mostafa Mosharafa Street, next to Sidnawi, 1st District, 10th of Ramadan.
  • Faqous Branch: Taraat Al-Minya Street – next to the Military Secondary School – Faqous.
  • Hahia Branch: Al-Jumhuriya Street, in front of Zizo Coffee – Hahia.

As for the working hours of the Bank of Alexandria, they are, like other branches, from 8:30 in the morning until 5 in the evening.

Bank of Alexandria branches in Gharbia

  • Tanta Branch: The beginning of Ahmed Maher Street and Clock Square – Tanta.
  • Mamoun Branch – Tanta: Corner of Othman Muhammad and Al-Mamoun Streets, in front of the Muslim Youth Association – Tanta.
  • Al Salam Branch: July 23 Street in front of the City Council – Mahalla El Kubra.
  • Mahalla Branch: July 23 Street, next to Banque Misr and near Al-Gawhara Cinema – Mahalla El-Kubra.
  • Al-Bahr Kafr El-Zayat Branch: El-Bahr Street, next to Banque Misr – Kafr El-Zayat.
  • Kafr El-Zayat Branch: Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Street – Kafr El-Zayat

Bank of Alexandria branches in Dakahlia

  • Mansoura Branch: 139 Al-Gomhouria Street, next to the Security Directorate and Fathallah Market – Mansoura.
  • Sherbin Branch: Army Street – Sherbin.
  • Mit Ghamr Branch: 23 Al-Hurriya Street – Mit Ghamr.
  • Nabarouh Branch: Al-Mafareq Street, next to Saad El-Sherbiny School – Nabarouh.
  • Sinbellaween Branch: Port Said Street – Sinbellaween.
  • Belqas Branch: Al-Jumhuriya Street, next to the ambulance – Belqas.
  • Dikernes Branch: Al-Orouba Street, next to Al-Jabarna Mosque, Dikernes.
  • Bank of Alexandria branches in Menoufia.
  • Shebin Al-Koum Branch: 8 Al-Madares Street, near Al-Batanoon Developed Secondary School – Shebin Al-Koum.
  • Al-Bajour Branch: Al-Jaish Street – in front of the memorial – Al-Bajour.
  • Mubarak Industrial Area Branch: Al-Thalatheen Street, next to the administrative building, Mubarak Industrial Area – Quesna.
  • Quesna Branch: 62 Ibrahim Khalil Street – Quesna.
  • Sadat Branch: First Banks District – Sadat.
  • Sadat Branch: 9, Services Axis, 6th District, Sadat City.

Bank of Alexandria branches in Beheira

  • Abu Homs Branch: 64 Nasser Street, in front of Abu Homs Youth Center.
  • Wadi El-Natroun Branch: Kilometer 106, Cairo-Alexandria Desert, next to Wadi El-Natroun Master Rest House.
  • Damanhour Branch: Al-Gomhouria Street, next to the Supply Directorate and near Al-Gomhouria Park – Damanhour.
  • Rashid Branch: Abdel Salam Arif Street – Rashid.
  • Kafr El Dawar Branch: 89 Port Said Street, next to Kafr El Dawar Central.
  • Noubaria Branch: New Noubaria City, in front of Noubaria City Authority – Fourth District.

Bank of Alexandria branches in Kafr El-Sheikh

  • Desouk Branch: Saad Zaghloul Street, near the train station – Desouk.
  • Kafr El-Sheikh Branch: 18 Al-Khalafa Al-Rashidin Street, Banks Complex, next to Al-Tawheed and Al-Nour – Kafr El-Sheikh.
  • Al-Hamoul Branch: 10th of Ramadan Street, next to Al-Salaheeb School – Al-Hamoul.

Bank of Alexandria branches in Damietta

  • Al-Galaa Branch in Damietta: Al-Galaa Street, Al-Badry Building, in front of Nasser Social Bank – Damietta.
  • Damietta Branch: Al-Galaa Street, in front of Oriental Weavers – Damietta.
  • New Damietta Branch: First Neighborhood, First District, next to the College of Islamic Studies.
  • Damietta Port Branch: Damietta Port Investors Complex Building.
  • Faraskur Branch: Corniche Street, next to Al-Asmar Cars Showroom – Faraskur.
  • Bank of Alexandria branches in Marsa Matrouh.
  • Marsa Matrouh Branch: 63 Tahrir Street, in front of Marsa Matrouh Court.

Bank of Alexandria branches in Ismailia

  • Downtown Branch: 25 Khaled Bin Al-Walid Street, in front of Pizza Hut – Ismailia.
  • Sheikh Zayed Branch: Commercial Street, next to the Governorate – Ismailia.
  • Sheikh Zayed Branch – Ismailia: Suez Canal Authority Buildings, Sheikh Zayed – Ismailia.
  • Qantara Branch: Intersection of Tahrir and Army Streets, Qantara West, next to Awad Al Shahat Furniture – Ismailia.
  • Industrial Zone Branch – Ismailia: Industrial Zone in front of Al-Fayrouz Mill – Ismailia

Bank of Alexandria branches in Port Said

  • Port Said Branch: 18 El Gomhouria Street, next to Orange – Port Said.
  • Port Fouad Branch: 9 National Party Residences in front of the Faculty of Commerce, Port Said University – Port Fouad.

Bank of Alexandria branches in Suez

  • Suez Al-Sabah Branch: 3, Al-Sharqa Al-Arabiya District – Al-Sabah – next to Coca-Cola.
  • Suez Branch: 384 El-Geish Street, next to Al-Arbaeen Police Station – Suez.
  • Port Tawfiq Branch: Al-Gomhouria Street – Port Tawfiq.

Bank of Alexandria branches in Fayoum

  • Sinurs Branch: 1 Martyrs’ Square, Housing and Development Bank Building – Sinurs.
  • Gomhouria Branch (Fayoum): Gomhouria Street, near Fayoum Central.
  • Fayoum Branch: 18 Gamal Abdel Nasser Street – next to the Honey Day Hotel – Al-Masala – Fayoum.

Bank of Alexandria branches in Beni Suef

  • New Beni Suef branch: next to City Center Mall, Shorouk – East of the Nile – New Beni Suef.
  • Beni Suef Branch: 43, 23 July Street, near Casion Market – Beni Suef.
  • Biba Branch: Tahrir Street, Biba.

Alexandria Bank branches in Minya

  • Minya Branch: 23 Al-Horreya Street, in front of the City Council.
  • Malwa Branch: Banque Misr Street, next to the Malwa Tax Office
  • Bani Mazar Branch: Al-Ibrahimiyya Street, next to Bani Mazar Police Station.
  • Samalout Branch: Misr Assiut Agricultural Road – Samalout.
  • Maghagha Branch: 85 Al-Gomhouria Street, in front of the City Council – Maghagha.
  • Abu Qurqas Branch: Al-Jumhuriya Street, next to Abu Qurqas Secondary School for Girls.

Bank of Alexandria branches in Assiut

  • Sahel Selim Branch: Al-Gomhouria Street – in front of the Local Council of Sahel Selim City, Assiut.
  • Assiut Branch: 252 Saad Zaghloul Street, Banks Square – Assiut.
  • Abnoub Branch: Al-Jumhuriya Street, behind Abnoub Police Station.
  • Abu Tig Branch: Al Galaa Street, Abu Tig.
  • Badari Branch: Gamal Abdel Nasser Street, next to the Badari Police Station.
  • New Al-Qusiya Branch: Al-Rai Street – near the City Council – Al-Qusiya.
  • Al-Qusiya Branch: 57 Al-Jalaa Street – Al-Qusiya.
  • Dayrut Branch: Abu Jabal Division, Al-Jalaa Street – Dayrut.
  • Manfalut Branch: 25 Sultan Hassan Street, in front of Manfalut Police Station.

Bank of Alexandria branches in Sohag

  • Sohag Branch: 7 Saad Zaghloul Street, Gamal Abdel Nasser Building – Sohag.
  • Dar El Salam Branch: Abdel Hamid Radwan Square – Sohag
  • Gerga Branch: 5 Saad Zaghloul Street – next to Banque Misr, Gerga.
  • Tahta Branch: Port Said Street, near Tahta Department.
  • Al-Balina Branch: 3 Samir Abdul Qader Al-Qurm Street, Al-Balina.
  • Mansha Branch: 3 Salah Salem Al Gharbi Street, next to Mansha City Council.
  • Saqalta Branch: Algeria Street – Saqalta.
  • Tama Branch: 1 Ahmed Orabi Street, Tama

Bank of Alexandria branches in Qena

  • Qena Branch: Martyr Abdel Moneim Riad Square, Qena.
  • New Qena Branch: July 23 Street, next to Old Traffic, in front of Pizza Home Qena.
  • Aluminum Complex Branch: Nag Hammadi Aluminum Complex.
  • Naga Hammadi Branch: Talaat Harb Street, near Bank of Egypt, Naga Hammadi.
  • Qus Branch: Al-Gomhouria Street, next to the Nile Primary School – Qus.
  • Abu Tisht Branch: Port Said Street, Abu Tisht.
  • Asna Branch: Nile River Street, Asna.
  • Deshna Branch: Al Mahatta Street, next to Deshna city center.

Bank of Alexandria branches in Luxor

  • Khaled Bin Al-Walid Branch: 29 Khaled Bin Al-Walid Street, Al-Awamiya – Luxor.
  • Luxor Branch: 55 Nahr El Nil Street, Luxor.
  • Luxor Airport Office Unit Branch: Luxor Airport.

Bank of Alexandria branches in Aswan

  • Aswan Branch: Nile Corniche Street, Aswan.
  • Edfu Branch: Nile Corniche Street, next to the City Council – Edfu.
  • Kom Ombo Branch: 53 Abbas Street, next to Nasser Mosque, Kom Ombo.

Bank of Alexandria branches in the Red Sea

  • Hurghada Branch: Al-Nasr Road, next to Khair Zaman Supermarket – Hurghada.
  • Safaga Branch: Republic Street – Safaga.

Bank of Alexandria branches in South Sinai

  • Tur Sinai Branch: 29 Ahmed Hamdy Street, in front of Tur Court.
  • Sharm El Sheikh Branch: Bank Street, Zone 10, Umm El Sid Plateau.
  • New Sharm El Sheikh branch: Naama Bay Commercial Complex.

Bank of Alexandria branches in North Sinai

  • Al-Arish Branch: July 23 Street, in front of Cairo Bank Al-Arish.

At the end of our journey with the Bank of Alexandria’s working hours for all branches in 2023, I hope that we have provided what you are looking for. I also invite you to learn more information about the banks, their timings, and the services they provide, whether the current bank and those located inside or outside Egypt, via our website.