Facebook followed in Instagram’s footsteps and launched the Stories feature a few years ago. Soon after, Story Highlights were also added.

This addition was a great attempt to improve Facebook’s user experience. However, it still had some shortcomings.

Quick answer: The main one is that although Facebook lets users see when people view their Highlights, it doesn’t let you know who viewed your Facebook Highlights 24 hours after you posted them.

This article explains what Facebook Highlights are and when you can see who has viewed your Highlights.

Is it possible to find out who has seen your highlights – Facebook Highlights after 24 hours?

The answer to this question is a simple no. You won’t be able to see who viewed your Facebook bookmarks after 24 hours.

Thus, you cannot know who has viewed your Facebook profile. Otherwise, it would be quite handy to see who viewed your highlights and infer that they also viewed your profile.

How do Facebook highlights work?

Highlights – Highlights from Facebook, like your Stories, appear in the horizontal scroll bar of your profile. By default, they will be visible to all your friends, but you can limit who sees them or make them public. This latter option can be useful for public figures trying to build an audience.

You can add something to your highlights from the stories archive section.

The Facebook Stories archive stores all the Stories posted on your profile, so you can avoid wasting your phone’s storage space. These archives are the starting point for deciding which Stories to include in your Highlights.

The availability of this feature also encourages users to create funny and spontaneous content without worrying that it will disappear after 24 hours.

If you spend half an hour sprucing up a Facebook Story with stickers, drawings, notes, and augmented reality, you know it won’t be in vain.


Can I add a privacy element to my highlights on Facebook?

At the top of the screen, you will see the option to change story highlighting. All you have to do is tap on the Settings icon to access the highlighting options page. Here you can select a relevant privacy setting. It is important to remember that changing the privacy settings of one highlight will affect all the others.

My Highlights – Are Highlights on Facebook visible to everyone, even if my Story is not?

Yes. If your account is private, only people on your friends and followers list will be able to see your Highlights and Stories. However, people won’t be able to see your highlights if you’ve banned an account from seeing your stories.

How can you tell if people are hiding their Facebook Stories from you?

There is no way to know if someone has hidden their stories from you for privacy reasons. It’s also possible that the Story didn’t load for you due to a technical issue.


Facebook Stories are a great way to store your favorite stories for your new and old followers/friends to see.

However, if you want to know who viewed your Facebook Highlights after 24 hours, you’re out of luck.

Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow you to view this information.