This article presents a list of the best and cheapest countries for investment. These countries do not require substantial amounts for investment and have economically superior environments with plenty of favorable investment opportunities.

1. Georgia: The Best Among the Cheapest Countries for Investment

Georgia, located between Asia and Europe, attracts a large number of investors due to its government’s supportive stance towards foreign investment. The government works towards exempting all citizens from customs duties, making it one of the largest global markets targeted by countries to display their products at competitive prices. The taxes in Georgia are among the fairest in the world, and the prices of consumer goods are cheap, making living there quite affordable. Georgia is fertile in all sectors, with investment in manufacturing, foreign trade, logistics services, services, engineering, and design yielding satisfactory profits for investors.

2. Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the best and cheapest countries for investment. The country’s law treats foreign investors as citizens. The country’s tax system is one of the best in Europe, and it also has a large pool of skilled labor. It also boasts political and economic stability, making it very suitable for investment, especially for those looking to start a small investment in Europe. The real estate sector is one of the best areas for investment in Montenegro, as property prices are very modest compared to many other countries.

3. Malta

Malta offers many facilities that allow investors to obtain the necessary residence for investment, making it one of the cheapest countries for investment. As soon as the investor contributes 30,000 Euros as a form of financial contribution to the government, they obtain a residence permit in Malta and can start investing. The real estate in Malta is reasonably priced, allowing you to own property and rent or resell it for profit.

4. Colombia

Colombia, located in South America, enjoys low living costs. The prices of rents are modest, and the country provides all the living necessities for its residents. The country also enjoys natural and geographical diversity, which allows investors to invest in all fields.

5. Portugal

Portugal is high on the list of the best and cheapest countries for investment. You can invest there starting from 100,000 Euros, and the country gives passport holders the right to enter 187 countries without needing a visa.

6. Greece

Greece also has a share in this list, as it enjoys stable economic and political climates in recent times, which has greatly helped reduce living expenses for its residents.

7. Latvia

Latvia is also one of the cheapest countries for investment. As soon as you contribute to any investment company in the country, you become the owner of the right to reside there for 5 years, extendable.

8. Kenya

Kenya is one of the best and cheapest countries for investment globally. It is one of the few African countries where you can invest in a large number of fields.

9. Dominica

Investing in Dominica also has many advantages, the most important of which is the low cost. As soon as you invest in a real estate project with an amount of 200,000 US dollars, you are on your way to obtaining its citizenship.

10. Saint Lucia

The country of Saint Lucia, known for its warm beaches most days of the year, facilitates procedures for anyone wanting to start investing there.

This article provides a comprehensive guide to the best and cheapest countries for investment around the world, where successful investments can be started with small amounts of capital.