The GAMCA medical test is mandatory for anyone applying for a Saudi work visa from countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. This blog post informs you about how to schedule a medical test with GAMCA, its validity, required documents, and how to verify your medical report from GAMCA online.

Medical Test Steps for GAMCA

  1. Schedule an Appointment: Through the GCCHMC website.
  2. Take a Copy of the Appointment: Visit the medical center at the scheduled time.
  3. Pay the Fees: At the accredited GAMCA medical center.
  4. Get Your Medical Test Done.

Medical Fees for GAMCA

The medical examination fees for a Saudi visa vary from country to country but are usually around 300 Saudi Riyals paid in your home country’s currency.

Required Documents for GAMCA Medical Test

To conduct a medical test for a Saudi visa, the following documents are needed:

  • Appointment voucher
  • Original and copy of the passport
  • Original and copy of the national identity card
  • 4 passport-sized photos

Medical Validity for GAMCA

The GAMCA medical test for Saudi Arabia is valid for only 3 months. Therefore, you need to stamp the visa on your passport within 90 days of the report issuance.

How to Verify GAMCA Medical Report Online

You can check the status of your GAMCA medical report for your Saudi visa through the following link: Medical Status Search

To verify the GCCHMC medical report, choose one of the options:

  • By passport number and nationality
  • By voucher number in GCC countries

Select one option, enter its value, and click the “Create” button. You will see your GAMCA medical status on the next page.

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