Social media platforms, such as Facebook, have revolutionized our communication style. In the past, we heavily depended on text for conveying thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, and stories. However, the emergence of images, videos, and emojis has completely reshaped this interaction landscape. On Facebook, people usually prefer sharing their best moments captured in photos, like cherishing a favorite bakery’s memory or showcasing their successful weight loss journey.

When you’re excited to upload a new profile picture, the last thing you want is to discover you can’t upload the entire photo without cropping it. This has been a major frustration among Facebook users, leading to numerous complaints. Bearing in mind these concerns, we’re here to guide you through multiple ways to upload a full Facebook profile picture without cropping it.

Moreover, it’s important to note that the Facebook user experience isn’t uniform for all – your experience might be unique!

How to Upload a Facebook Profile Picture Without Cropping?

To elevate your Facebook user experience, especially while uploading full photos, we present you with not just one but three distinct methods to bypass this cropping issue. Ultimately, we aim to help you upload your new profile picture without losing any part of it.

Method 1:

  1. Visit your Facebook page, usually accessed via For this tutorial, we suggest altering the URL to
  2. Login to
  3. Click on your existing profile photo.
  4. Select the Choose File prompt and select the photo you wish to set as your new profile picture. Once done, click Save.
  5. Refresh your Facebook page, and voila! Your new profile picture is exactly how you want it – uncropped!

Method 2:

  1. Login to your Facebook application and navigate to the photo upload section by clicking on the Photo option.
  2. A file explorer window should open. Select the picture you want to set as your new profile picture.
  3. You might also need to alter the privacy setting to “Only Me”. This ensures only you can view the photo before posting it as a new profile picture. Click on the privacy options to achieve this.
  4. Select Me Alone and click Done.
  5. Click on Post.
  6. Once satisfied with the photo and its quality, open your web browser, access, and login to your account.
  7. Access your profile by clicking on your current profile picture.
  8. Scroll down to your uploaded photo. Open the photo by clicking on it.
  9. You should now see options under your photo. Click Create profile photo.
  10. Facebook might ask if you wish to revert to the previous profile picture after a while. If you don’t want this, select Never and click Confirm.
  11. Refresh your Facebook page. You should now see your new full-sized profile picture.

Method 3:

  1. Open your phone’s photo gallery and select the full-length photo you wish to use as your new profile picture.
  2. Tap on Share.
  3. Select Facebook News Feed. If you only have the Facebook option, select it and continue to the next step. Otherwise, skip the next step.
  4. After the photo is exported to Facebook, you’ll see Choose where to share. Select News Feed.
  5. Check the privacy settings. If they differ from Just Me, change them. Otherwise, continue from step 7. Click on privacy settings.
  6. Set your privacy settings to Only Me and click Done.
  7. Click on Publish in the top right corner. Now, the photo is shared on Facebook, viewable only to you.
  8. Refresh your Facebook page. You should see the newly shared photo in the Feed section.
  9. Open a web browser, access, and connect to your Facebook page.
  10. Scroll down to find the photo in the Feed section. Click on it to open more options.
  11. Select Create profile photo.
  12. Facebook will ask if you plan to revert to the previous profile picture. Select Never and click Confirm.
  13. Refresh your Facebook page. You should now see your new full profile picture.

Extra tip: On your timeline, scroll down to the photo you uploaded earlier and delete it. Now, it will solely appear as your profile photo.


There you have it! Three methods to upload a full profile photo on your Facebook page. Choose the option that seems easiest and give it a try. Now, you no longer need to worry about cropping specific parts of your favorite photos!