Have you noticed a sudden drop in the number of people who are interested in your tweets? The number of likes, comments and retweets is lower than usual? It is possible that this is due to a shadowban on your Twitter (X) account. In this article, we will see how to check and remove Shadowban from your Twitter (X) account.

What is a Shadowban on Twitter?

Twitter (X) shadowbanning is limiting and restricting the visibility of your tweets or account due to violation of community guidelines or usage policies. In most cases, the user is not notified of an active shadowban but remains completely invisible to others.

An active shadowban can cause the following changes to your Twitter (X) account:

  • Your tweets or your entire profile remain invisible to everyone, including your followers. They won’t be able to see your posts when they search in the search bar.
  • Your replies to someone else’s tweet remain invisible and will not show under the corresponding tweets.
  • All notifications of your actions on Twitter (X) remain deleted, i.e. your followers will not receive any alerts for your likes, posts or retweets.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the three common types of shadowbans that Twitter (X) users face.

Thread shadowban : This type of shadowban limits the visibility of your comments on Twitter (X) threads/tweets.

Profile shadowban : This type of shadowban limits the visibility of your profile on Twitter (X) and prevents other users from finding your profile by performing a search.

Total search ban : This type of shadowban blocks you completely, and you remain invisible to everyone on the platform.

Reasons for setting up a shadowban on your Twitter (X) account

There can be several possible explanations behind an active shadowban on your account, but some of the most important are:

  • You tweeted too frequently, causing Twitter’s algorithm to consider you a bot.
  • You may have used trending hashtags in your posts unrelated to the topic in order to increase the engagement of your posts.
  • Your tweets may have exhibited spam behavior if you post promotion or sales based tweets too often.
  • You may have participated in the inorganic growth of your followers by repeatedly following and abandoning them.

How to check shadowban on your Twitter (X) account

If you think your Twitter (X) account has been shadowbanned, you can check it by applying these three effective methods.

Method 1: Online Tools to Check if a Twitter (X) Account is Shadow Banned

  1. Open a new tab in your web browser and go to the Shadowban test website.
  1. Enter your Twitter (X) username in the search bar and click the Verify button to check if your account has an active shadowban.
  1. Wait a few seconds to check the results. If you find an active shadowban, you can expand the corresponding ban to learn more.

Method 2: Go Incognito and search your profile on Twitter

Another interesting method to check and determine an active shadowban on your Twitter (X) account is to browse in incognito mode.

  1. Open the incognito mode on your web browser. In the case of Google Chrome, you can instantly launch it by pressing the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+N.
  1. Go to the Twitter (X) search page and type your username in the search bar. Press the Enter key to generate the search results.
  1. If you can’t find your tweets, replies, or profile account in search results, chances are you have an active shadowban.

Method 3: Check if your tweets engagement has suddenly dropped.

Another easy way to check for a shadowban on your Twitter (X) account is to check tweet engagement. If you’re an influencer and have an active shadowban, you’ll notice a significant drop in your tweet’s engagement.

You can check it by following these simple steps.

  1. Open your Twitter (X) profile and locate your recent tweet. Tap the analytics icon to view post impressions, engagements, and interactions.
  2. Compare analytics with other recent posts to notice any sudden drops in tweet interactions.

How to reduce or remove a Twitter (X) shadowban

Here’s how to remove or lessen the impact of an active shadowban on your Twitter (X) account, now that you’ve successfully recognized it.

Take a break and avoid tweeting

The easiest and most effective method to lift the shadowban on your account is to take a break from your Twitter (X) life and avoid posting new tweets for a while time. Any new tweets during this period are likely to contribute to the increased duration of the shadowban. You must lay low for at least 72 hours to lift any active bans on your profile.

Delete existing irrelevant tweets and comments

To prevent your account from being shadowbanned in the future, you should review and delete all existing irrelevant comments and tweets that may have contributed to spam. Additionally, you should remove all replies to messages that may seem inappropriate, such as promotional/sales messages, irrelevant advertisements, trolls, etc.

Avoid creating a new Twitter (X) account and update the existing one

Creating a new Twitter (X) account during the shadowban period is most likely a bad idea as it can lead to a complete ban on both Twitter (X) accounts . However, you can reduce the impact of the active ban by updating your profile picture and account details with real data rather than promotional or fake data.

Contact the Twitter (X) support team

If you believe you have been mistakenly tagged for a shadowban or it has not been lifted after 72 hours, you should contact the support team. support from Twitter (X) to find a solution.

FAQ on shadowbanning on Twitter

1- How long does a shadowban last on Twitter?

In most cases, a shadowban on Twitter (X) lasts at least 72 hours. However, repeated violations during the shadowban period may prolong its duration.

2- How can I check if I have been shadowbanned on Twitter?

You can test and verify the presence of an active shadowban using the methods mentioned above.

3- Why does no one see my Tweets?

This may be due to an active shadowban on your Twitter (X) account. You can reduce its impact by following the methods listed above.

4- How can I get rid of a shadowban on my Twitter (X) account?

Although there is no official way to get rid of a shadowban, you can try limiting and restricting your Twitter (X) usage for a while.

5- Why doesn’t Twitter (X) display all your messages?

This may be due to a possible technical problem or an active shadowban on your Twitter (X) account.

6- Why am I constantly banned on Twitter?

Repeated community violations such as spamming, promotional replies, trolling, or frequent tweeting can lead to shadowbanning. You should be careful to avoid it as much as possible, especially during the shadowban period.


So that’s all there is to know about Twitter’s shadowban and how to check and reduce it. If this quick read helped you fix and recover your Tweet engagement, please hit the like button and share this article with your friends. Keep an eye out for other useful guides in the future.