Thomson is a French company that, despite many ups and downs in its history, has managed to endure and diversify its offerings.

The WHP range now represents one of the brand’s flagship products in the audio category.

However, some malfunctions may sometimes occur on its products. Don’t panic, though, as these issues can be easily resolved!

In this article, I will present the techniques to apply to resolve any problems you may encounter with Thomson wireless headphones.

Thomson Headphones Won’t Turn On

If your headphones won’t turn on, the most common causes are:

  • Uncharged batteries,
  • Dead batteries,
  • A hardware malfunction (factory defect).

First, check the batteries. If you have a remote control or another electronic device, insert them into it and see if they work or if there is at least a small signal indicating the state of your batteries.

If your batteries are dead, I recommend purchasing new ones. Insert them into your headphone earpiece and see if it works.

Note: I strongly advise against using already used or reserve batteries (those kept in the closet for a year, for example).

After checking the batteries, move on to your transmitter, which also serves as a charging block. To do this, you will:

  • Plug the transmitter into your wall socket.
  • Connect your headphones to the charging station, taking care to position the plugs correctly.
  • Retry the previous step to make sure it’s not just a simple bad connection.

Make sure the green light is on

If the green light does not turn on, then the problem lies elsewhere, either:

  • In your charging station,
  • In the connection points of your headphones on their charger.

If the headphones still do not work, even if the red light comes on, it may be a manufacturing defect. If this happens, I recommend following these steps:

  • Check your warranty (on the packaging, instructions, or invoice for your product).
  • Go to your retailer to request warranty application. This can be a product replacement or assistance with after-sales service.

It is important not to make any modifications to the headphones if you still want to benefit from your warranty. If it is no longer valid, you can contact a professional to repair your headphones. This is the last possible solution.

2. Thomson Headphones Not Working

Your headphones turn on, but they don’t work? The problem may vary depending on the case. The most common ones are:

Your batteries are dead, simply replace them with new ones.

Your batteries are discharged, recharge them on the charging station.

Check the connections of your transmitter to your TV, make sure the jack is properly connected to the audio output from your TV, and not to the headphone jack.

Make sure the base is plugged into the power outlet and that the light on it is on. It turns red when you use the headphones and green when you recharge them.

A bad frequency between your headphones and your transmitter can prevent or disrupt the arrival of sound to your ears.

To fix this, follow these steps:

In the last case, it may be a serial defect, and I recommend checking your warranty and proceeding with a replacement.

3. Thomson TV Headphone Jack Problem

Les problèmes communs pour une prise de casque TV Thomson sont l’absence de prise jack 3,5 mm sur la télé ou un problème de connecteurs.

Si la prise jack est absente, je vous propose deux solutions.

Vous pouvez vous munir d’un adaptateur péritel mâle/femelle avec une prise jack 3,5 mm ou vous pouvez acheter un adaptateur jack femelle/RCA mâle.

Ensuite, branchez-la péritel/adaptateur sur votre TV.

La prise jack sur la péritel servira à accueillir le casque. Dans le cas de la péritel, les prises RCA (rouge et noire) passent par les entrées de la même couleur derrière le TV.

La défaillance des connecteurs est une autre affaire qui peut être liée à un défaut du matériel.

Vous savez quoi faire si c’est le cas : fait appel à la garantie.

4. Casque Sans Fil Thomson WHP3311W Problème

Common problems for a Thomson TV headphone jack are the absence of a 3.5mm jack on the TV or a connector problem.

If your Thomson WHP3311W headphones have crackling issues:

The problem may come from the distance between the headphones and the transmitter. Make sure to stay within a radius of less than 20 meters from it, but also that it is plugged in.

An unplugged transmitter can also cause the automatic search for active frequencies closest to your headphones, resulting in crackling.

5. Thomson WHP3001BK Headphones Have No Sound

If you have sound problems with your Thomson WHP3001BK headphones, check the following:

  1. The transmitter must be powered via a wall outlet.
  2. The battery charge on the headphones must be sufficient. Recharge it if it is not.
  3. Your headphones must be properly configured with your TV, Hi-Fi system, or other device.
  4. The volume on your headphones should not be at minimum. Try increasing it to test.
  5. The audio/video device connected to your headphones should not be in “stop” or “pause” mode.
  6. The TV or Hi-Fi system’s output volume may be too low. Increase it to the maximum and then adjust it from your headphones.
  7. Turn on your headphones, then restart them to make sure everything is working properly.

6. Thomson WHP3001BK Headphones Have Crackling Issues

It’s possible that your Thomson WHP3001BK headphones are crackling. Here are some good tips to follow:

  • Remember that you must be located within a 20-meter radius around the transmitter.
  • No devices that can generate interference should be present within this perimeter.
  • The position of the frequency switch at the back of the base can be changed. You just need to relaunch the auto-tune.

7. Thomson WHP3001BK Headphones Are Not Charging

After acquiring or using your headphones, you need to charge them on the charging dock. The first thing to do before charging is always to turn off your headphones.

The charging problem may be due to poor contact.

You’ll need to place your headphones correctly on the dock for charging. Finding the right position may be tedious, but after several attempts, everything will work.

It’s also important to verify that the dock is properly powered by a wall or AC outlet.

8. Thomson WHP3001BK Headphones Are Not Working

The malfunction of your headphones may be caused by the different cases already developed earlier in the section “Thomson Headphones Not Working.”

The solutions are also there.


How to Reset Your Thomson Wireless Headphones?

Thomson wireless headphones can be reset by long-pressing the button on either the headphones themselves or the base.

This will allow you to perform a “hard reset” to return to factory settings.

How to Pair Your Thomson Wireless Headphones?

To pair your Thomson wireless headphones with your TV:

  1. First, connect the transmitter to the TV. To do this, you will connect the jack or RCA plugs from your TV’s audio output to your transmitter (see Thomson TV Headphone Jack Problem).
  2. Once detected as an audio output on the TV, choose “headphone output.”

In the case of Bluetooth pairing:

  1. You need to enable Bluetooth on both the headphones and the TV.
  2. If your TV does not have Bluetooth, you can install a Bluetooth adapter.
  3. Connect your TV’s Bluetooth to your headphones.