Illegal activities such as forgery or counterfeit signatures have long been among the problems that companies face. “İmza Sirküsü” (Signature Circular) is used to prevent such issues and secure companies. So, what is an “İmza Sirküsü”? How can you obtain it? What is the cost of an “İmza Sirküsü”? What are the differences between obtaining an “İmza Sirküsü” and getting an affidavit of signature from a notary?

What is an “İmza Sirküsü”?

An “İmza Sirküsü” is an official document certified by a notary that specifies the scope of authority and limits of a person authorized to act on behalf of a company. It is requested from a notary by legal entities. This document serves as a preventive measure against issues such as counterfeit signatures and forged documents.

How to Obtain an “İmza Sirküsü”?

To obtain an “İmza Sirküsü,” the following documents are required, and it can be obtained from a notary for a certain fee:

  • The person’s ID card and a photocopy of the ID card
  • The company’s tax certificate
  • The trade registry gazette of the registered location of the company and three signature samples obtained from the authorized person

Additionally, this document must be kept separately both at the notary and with the authorized person.

What is the Cost of “İmza Sirküsü” in 2023?

The cost of an “İmza Sirküsü” is determined as 310 TL for the year 2023, and the payment should be made to the notary. Additional fees may apply if you want to obtain multiple copies.

How to Check “İmza Sirküsü”?

After submitting the necessary documents to the notary and paying the specified fee, you can check the “İmza Sirküsü” through the e-Government portal (e-Devlet). The processing time for the document to appear in the system is a maximum of 3 days. Once you log in to the e-Government portal, you can search for “firma yetki belgesi sorumlu kişi sorgulama” (company authorization document responsible person inquiry) in the search bar and access the page for checking the “İmza Sirküsü” by selecting either the legal entity or natural person option.

What is the Difference Between “İmza Sirküsü” and “İmza Beyannamesi”?

Due to being obtained from a notary with the person’s signature, the terms “İmza Sirküsü” and “İmza Beyannamesi” (Signature Affidavit) are often confused with each other. An “İmza Sirküsü” is a document given to companies and commercial enterprises. It is obtained in the name of the company owner or employees. On the other hand, an “İmza Beyannamesi” is a document prepared by a notary for a certain fee, containing personal information and signature samples of individuals. It does not have the same circular nature but serves as proof of identity for both commercial and personal activities.