Silicone cases are great for protecting your phone. They come in all kinds of sleek designs, colors and patterns and can be easily personalized to make them stand out. But, it’s important to know what’s safe to stick on them – and what isn’t.

Can You Stick Just About Anything On a Silicone Case?

The answer is yes and no. While you can attach just about any kind of material to a silicone case, not all of them will stick to the silicone and stay put. Things like water-resistant adhesive strips and glue dots can help keep things in place.

Is It Safe to Stick Anything On a Silicone Case?

It depends on the material. Before sticking anything on a silicone case, make sure it’s safe and won’t cause any damage. Things like metal, rubber and plastic materials may be okay to stick, while glue and tape should be avoided.

What Will Stick To a Silicone Case?

It really depends on what kind of item you’re trying to attach. Generally speaking, fabric, felt, foam and other similar fabrics can stick to a silicone case just fine. Some vinyl stickers can also stick, as long as you apply a glue or sealant to the back of them for extra sticking power.


When it comes to sticking something on a silicone case, the best approach is to test it beforehand. That way you’ll know for sure that it will stay in place and won’t cause any damage to the case. And always remember to use a glue, sealant or adhesive strip to help keep it in place. Then you’re guaranteed to have a unique and stylish phone!


What will stick to a silicone case?

Many surfaces will stick temporarily to a silicone case, including glue, dirt, dust, and most tape.

Can I remove the things that stick to my silicone case?

Yes, most things will come off with a damp cloth and mild soap.

Does silicone leach toxic chemicals?

No, silicone is non-toxic and certified safe for use with food products.

Is a silicone case scratch-resistant?

Yes, silicone cases are very scratch-resistant. Most cases are designed to protect against minor scrapes and bumps, although it is important to note that silicone cases may not provide the same level of protection as a hard plastic or metal case.

What colors are silicone cases available in?

Silicone cases are available in a variety of colors, including black, white, pink, green, blue, purple, and more.

Do silicone cases offer any additional features?

Yes, depending on the type of silicone case, additional features may be included, such as a built-in stand or an anti-slip grip. Some cases may also offer air-cushion technology for additional protection.

How does a silicone case protect my device?

Silicone cases provide device protection by absorbing impacts and preventing scratches. The silicone material is durable while being soft and pliable, which allows it to absorb and disperse the shock energy generated by accidental drops and bumps. Additionally, the anti-slip surface helps to prevent the device from slipping out of your hands and provides a secure grip. Silicone also has a smooth, non-abrasive surface which prevents scratches from occurring on your device.

What is the best adhesive for sticking to a silicone case?

A strong adhesive designed specifically for silicone is your best bet. Options include silicone glue, contact cement, epoxy, and hot glue. Be sure to test the adhesive on a small area of your case before you make a larger application.

What type of adhesive works best on silicone materials?

Many types of glue can be used to bond silicone materials, including contact cement, cyanoacrylate, and silicones specifically formulated for bonding silicone. When using stronger adhesives like epoxies or polyurethanes, always use primer to ensure the best results.

What adhesive works best on silicone rubber?

The best adhesive for silicone rubber is a silicone adhesive or a polyurethane adhesive. It is important to test the adhesives on a scrap piece of material before using them on the silicone rubber.

What kind of glue can be used on silicone rubber?

100% Silicone adhesive is the best type of glue to use on silicone rubber. It can be used to bond silicone rubber to a wide variety of materials, including glass, metal, and plastic.

What type of glue is best for bonding silicone rubber?

Silicone adhesive is the best choice for bonding silicone rubber. Silicone adhesives are specifically designed for silicone rubber and provide superior strength and flexibility.

What type of glue works on silicone rubber and plastic?

Silicone adhesive can be used to bond silicone rubber and plastics.