Joining a Minecraft server doesn’t have to be a struggle! It can be pretty simple if you’re using Paper, so here’s how to do it. First, you’ll need the host’s IP address. If you don’t have it, don’t panic. All you have to do is ask the server owner and they’ll supply it. Next, load up the Paper launcher and your Minecraft account. Once you’ve done that, navigate to the Multiplayer tab and add the IP address to the server list. That’s it! You’re now ready to join the server.

Troubleshooting Tips

Sometimes, things don’t always go according to plan and that’s ok. Here’s a few quick troubleshooting tips if you’re having trouble joining a Minecraft server with Paper:

  1. Re-enter the IP address – sometimes, entering it incorrectly is the issue.
  2. Check your internet connection – you won’t be able to join a server if your connection isn’t stable enough.
  3. Make sure the server is online – if the server is down, you won’t be able to join it.

Check the Server Version

You need to make sure that the server you’re trying to join is running the same version of Minecraft as you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to join. To check this, look at the server’s MOTD, or message of the day – it should list the version number.

Ask the Owner for Help

If you’re still having trouble joining the server, your best bet is to ask the owner for help. They can check if the server is up and running, as well as troubleshoot any other issues you might be having.

Get Connected!

Now that you know how to join a Minecraft server with Paper, you can start playing with your friends in no time! So what are you waiting for? Get connected and have a blast.

What IP address do I use to join a Minecraft server with paper?

The IP address of the server you wish to join depends on the server hosting company used by the server. You should contact the server owner for the IP address for their specific server.

What ports do I need to open for a Minecraft server with Paper?

The default port for a Minecraft server is 25565. You may also need to open the following ports, depending on your configuration:

– TCP/UDP 25575 (Rcon)

– TCP/UDP 8123 (Query)

– UDP 1-65535 (Server Version)

– UDP 19132 (Pocket Edition)

– TCP/UDP 4711 (Pulse)

You may also need to open additional ports for plugins. Please consult the plugin documentation for more information.

What version of Java is required to run a Paper Minecraft server?

Paper Minecraft servers typically require Java 8 or higher. Check with your hosting provider for the precise version required for your server.

What OS is needed to run a Paper Minecraft server?

To run a Paper Minecraft server you will need a Linux, Windows or macOS system. Please consult your hosting provider for more specific system requirements.

What is the best OS to run a Paper Minecraft server?

The best OS to run a Paper Minecraft server is Linux, since it is lightweight and offers great performance. Additionally, Linux servers are well-supported and have the necessary tools and software you will need to manage and maintain the server.


Q: How do you join a Minecraft server with paper?

A: To join a Minecraft server with Paper, you will need to install and configure the Paper software. Once this is done, connect to the server’s IP address, launch the game and enter your username and password. For more details, see the instructions below.

Q: What is the IP address of the server?

A: The IP address of the server will be provided by the server’s administrator. You may need to contact the administrator to get this information.

Q: How do I install and configure Paper?

A: Installing and configuring Paper is a simple process. First, download and install the Paper software from its website. Then, follow the instructions in Paper’s installation wizard. Once the installation is complete, open the Paper Software and complete the configuration.

Q: What is the login process?

A: Once you have connected to the server’s IP address and launched the game, you will need to log in with your username and password. If you are playing on a multi-player server, you may also be required to enter a unique server name.

Q: How do I troubleshoot connection problems?

A: If you experience any connection problems, try the following steps:

  • Check that your network connection is up and running.
  • Restart the Paper software.
  • Ensure that the IP address entered is correct.
  • Try connecting to the server using a different username and password.
  • Contact the server’s administrator for assistance.