Are you curious to listen to WhatsApp voice messages without alerting the sender? The ability to secretly access voice notes is a handy feature that may come in handy when you’d like to listen to a message without the sender knowing. This article will guide you on how to Listen to WhatsApp Voice Messages Without Being Seen!

The Magic of Blue Tick Disappearance

WhatsApp, known for its practical features, also includes the ‘blue tick’ that signifies when a message has been read. If you wish to listen to a voice note without the sender knowing, you can make use of a clever trick to ‘hide’ your activity.

The trick is simple: you play the audio not directly from WhatsApp, but through another application on your device. This method ensures that the blue tick doesn’t appear, thereby leaving no trace of your activity.

Listen to WhatsApp Voice Messages Without Being Seen from File Manager

To listen to a voice note incognito, you will have to navigate to the folder where WhatsApp stores these messages. Every device, Android or iPhone, has a file manager or browser that you can use to access the stored files.

Here are the steps to locate the voice note files:

  1. Open the file manager on your device.
  2. Go to ‘Internal Storage.’
  3. From here, navigate to the ‘WhatsApp’ folder.
  4. Inside the WhatsApp folder, find and open the ‘Media’ folder.
  5. Lastly, go to the ‘WhatsApp Voice Notes’ folder.

This folder may contain multiple sub-folders, so you might need to search a bit to find the specific voice note you want to listen to. You can simplify the process by sorting the files from newest to oldest.

Overcoming File Format Challenges

Once you’ve located the file, you might face a challenge. The voice note files are saved in an AAC format, typically with a .opus extension, which might not be playable on all devices. However, this problem can be easily solved with the help of an audio converter.

There are many apps available, such as ‘Audio Converter,’ which you can download for free from Google Play. This app will allow you to convert the .opus file into an mp3 format, which can be played on almost all devices.

After you open the Audio Converter app, it will display the most recent audio files on your device. Select the voice note you want to listen to and it will start playing automatically. The best part is that this process doesn’t alert your contacts that you’ve listened to the voice note sent on WhatsApp.


With these simple steps, you can listen to WhatsApp voice notes without leaving a trace. Remember, privacy is paramount, so use this feature wisely and respect others’ privacy as well. Happy messaging!