Smartphones are versatile devices that have many useful functions, including the ability to measure the temperature and humidity of your home environment. However, it’s important to note that the measurements may not be entirely accurate due to the heat generated by the device’s components.

Many modern smartphones have sensors built-in that can act as thermometers, and with the help of various apps, can be used as a thermostat.

While the apps can be intelligent, using other types of accessories such as thermometer or hygrometer can give you more accurate data. These additional tools help to provide in-depth measurements of temperature and humidity and will provide you with more precise information.

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How Reliable Is It?

Measuring temperature with a mobile phone can be reliable, but it depends on the type of phone you have.

Certain specialized devices such as business ruggedized phones are equipped with sensors to take temperature measurements, however it is less common to find a thermometer built-in in conventional Android and iOS devices. This is largely due to cost as manufacturers do not consider it necessary to add this feature, and users are not willing to pay extra for a phone with this capability. Including a thermometer would take valuable space within the phone, where battery and other essential components are housed.

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The temperature inside a phone can change during use due to heat generated by the device’s components, which can affect the accuracy of temperature readings. This is because the energy generates a lot of heat inside, and sometimes outside the phone, so any measurement taken with the mobile could be inaccurate.

Methods and Tools

When discussing using a mobile phone to measure temperature, it’s important to note that the goal is to determine the temperature of a specific room or environment, rather than getting a general temperature reading for a certain region.

To do this, you can use your smartphone as a thermometer to check the temperature in your room, car, etc. To achieve this, there are several tools and methods you can use, such as apps that can turn your phone into a thermometer, or external sensors that can give more accurate readings.

With Apps

There are many apps available in the virtual store of your phone that allow you to transform your device into a multi-purpose tool that can be used for various purposes. One of those purposes is to use it as a thermometer.

The reliability of these apps may be low as they often rely on weather data based on the GPS position of the device, rather than a temperature sensor. When using apps to measure temperature, it is best to use multiple apps or cross-reference the results with other tools to ensure the most accurate reading.


An app that is simple to use and straightforward, The thermometer app is designed to show a measurement of both internal and external temperature as well as humidity levels in the environment. The results it provides are reliable, assuming that your smartphone has a sensor dedicated to measuring temperature and humidity.

To ensure accuracy of the data, it’s recommended to compare it with a dedicated thermostat. It is an intelligent system that gives you an accurate reading of the temperature and humidity with your phone.

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Electronic Thermometer

The Electronic Thermometer App is a temperature measurement app that can display measurements in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. It also has the option to be used as a widget on the home screen, allowing you to easily check the temperature at any time without having to navigate away from the current screen.

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The app can work either with an external temperature sensor or independently, utilizing the technology built into the smartphone and software to provide an accurate reading. In order to achieve this, you will have to calibrate the application with the outside temperature using local weather forecast apps. This ensures that the app is providing you with the most accurate temperature data.

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Thermometer (Mobital)

The Thermometer (Mobital) is a more advanced system compared to traditional temperature measurement apps. Despite the advanced feature set, it operates in a similar manner.

In addition to providing internal temperature measurements, it also offers additional features such as calculating the thermal sensation, measuring wind speed and even monitoring the battery temperature of your device. With the additional information, it gives you a more comprehensive overview of the environment around you.

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With Accessories (The most precise method)

If you are looking for more accurate temperature and humidity measurements in real-time, there are accessories available that can be paired with your phone. These devices, which are typically connected to your phone via Bluetooth, provide more precise data than traditional apps alone.

One of the benefits of these accessories is that they can measure not only temperature but also humidity levels. They are designed to be placed anywhere in your home, and are powered by a replaceable battery.

These devices are often built with high precision sensors, having a margin of error as low as 0.5°C. With these accessories, you can have accurate temperature and humidity readings in real-time, which allows you to stay informed and make adjustments accordingly.

The Best Measuring Temperature and Humidity Accessory I have tested is ORIA Bluetooth Thermometer

When using phone accessories to measure temperature and humidity, the device can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to establish which room the device is measuring. With the link-up, these devices can even provide additional information such as risk of mold appearance.

The operation of these devices is relatively simple, simply download the accompanying app such as Sensor Blue to proceed with the Bluetooth connection and in a matter of seconds, you will have the ability to monitor temperature and humidity levels in your home at all times.

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To use these devices, it’s necessary to connect it to the phone using a control app, which can be downloaded from the app store. The app allows you to synchronize the device, keep track of data history, configure the sensor, and access other features. So the devices are affordable and easy to set up and use, making it accessible to everyone.

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Measuring Temperature and Humidity on Your Phone: How to Do It

Measuring humidity with your phone is similar to measuring temperature. Temperature and humidity are closely related concepts and you’ll often find apps that can measure both. It’s common to find the same apps that can measure temperature in a room also able to measure humidity levels.

As with temperature measurement, external sensors or apps can also be used to enhance the accuracy of humidity measurements. These tools do not have the same issues as traditional apps and provide more accurate readings.

Measuring Humidity Percentage with Phone Apps

Measuring humidity percentage with phone apps is a convenient and easy way to check the humidity levels in your surrounding environment. Although most phones don’t come equipped with a hygrometer, a sensor used to measure humidity, many apps are available that can provide this information. We recommend the following apps for iOS and Android:

Hygrometer (iOS)

is an easy-to-use app that utilizes location information and the iPhone’s weather service to measure the humidity in a given room. The app provides a graph of the humidity level in the room and indicates the ideal humidity level for the environment.

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Thermometer- hydrometric (Android)

is another app that measures humidity in percentage in real time, so you can decide if you need to turn on the humidifier to prevent dryness in the environment. Like the previous app, it uses the device’s GPS to obtain data.

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Measuring Humidity with a Phone Accessory

Measuring humidity with a phone accessory is possible by using a remote humidity sensor device. One of the best options is a device that has built-in WiFi modules, this allows you to monitor and control humidity from a remote location. While some wireless humidity sensors use Bluetooth connectivity, it will only work if your phone is close to the device.

To ensure the most flexibility, it’s recommended to opt for a device that uses WiFi connectivity.