Our cell phones have a multitude of functions that we often take for granted, because they work in a defined way from the day we first use them. But sometimes, for no apparent reason, these features stop working without warning. This is the case of the screen rotation function on a Xiaomi mobile, so you can re-enable it if Screen rotate button in navigation bar not working.

If you have suddenly found that your Xiaomi mobile does not change the screen orientation when you rotate it, it is that one of its settings has been completely disabled. We explain how easy it is to have it active again or solve the many problems with the screen on phones of this Chinese brand that we can find.

Xiaomi Auto Rotate Not Working!

If the touch display of your Chinese mobile has stopped rotating automatically, there may be several reasons that prevent it from doing so by itself.

For this reason, we will show you different methods that you can follow to try to find the right key to solve this problem forever with the rotation of the panel. In addition, we will not only have to rely on the fact that it is a problem of the phone itself, but may also be due to the applications we have installed on the terminal.

Restart the mobile

The next alternative with which we can try to put an end to this failure of the display of the Xiaomi mobile will be through the restart of the device. Most likely, some of the internal processes of the Chinese terminal have been ‘frozen’ by lack of cache or similar, so that, in this way, we will get them to be restored completely. Therefore, hold down the power button and click on the option that turns off the smartphone. After a few seconds, turn it back on.

Blame it on an application?

Before we get into the worst, and go to the most extreme solution that will be to reset the device to its factory settings, we will have to check if it is fault of some of the apps that we have installed on our Xiaomi phone.

To do this, it will be best to enter the safe mode that have Android mobile devices, and therefore Xiaomi smartphones, in order to move on to find out who is the real culprit that does not let us the terminal get to turn the touch panel.

Therefore, in order to enter this tool, we will have to press the power button until a menu appears. In it, we must again hold down on the power off option until you see on the screen a message to Restart in safe mode. Once we accept, you will be inside this function of the terminals with MIUI.

Then, it will be the turn to remove one by one the applications you have recently downloaded, then restart the phone and check if the problem with the automatic rotation of Xiaomi has been completely solved.

Enable this simple setting

This screen rotation feature is extremely useful when we watch a lot of multimedia content on the phone, and by multimedia we are not talking about a series, because even without this feature the streaming app itself usually automatically rotate the screen of the Xiaomi mobile when starting playback. It is in the case of other system tasks such as, for example, viewing images in the smartphone gallery, and even WhatsApp, will be where this function will be really valuable for our terminal.

Most of all, because without it active, when we want to see an image in the gallery with its wider and panoramic aspect is not going to be possible, because even turning the phone the image will not rotate by itself. To avoid this, we have available a function in the system settings that is very easy to find and enable without having to go crazy. To do this, we must do the following on the Xiaomi mobile.

  • Access the phone settings.
  • Enter the Display menu.
  • Click on the Rotate screen automatically function to activate this tool.

With this feature enabled, the next time you move the phone, you will see that the images rotate in the same direction in which you have rotated the terminal. And, therefore, you will be able to see them in their original orientation and taking advantage of the full screen size of your device. You can also normally access this setting precisely in the ‘quick settings’ that appear at the top of the touch display by sliding your finger down from the top of the smartphone panel.

Do it with an app

In addition to this system setting, we have apps that make it easier for us to rotate the screen, to have it more at hand. If for some reason your mobile does not show this setting in the system shortcuts, there is an app called Control Screen Rotation that can add this and other settings related to screen rotation.

This application has different modes of activation, either by the order that can give the gyroscope sensor, and which in turn can prevent other tools can interfere with this function by disabling it. With this app, it will no longer disable this system function by itself, and probably we will not have to repair the failure with the automatic screen rotation of a Xiaomi cell phone again.

Download Control screen rotation

Can the rotation be calibrated?

While many other components of our mobile as, for example, may be the brightness sensor if you can calibrate or at least reset, the gyroscope does not allow this modification from the terminal itself. This makes that, the last solution we have, is to choose to reset the smartphone to its factory settings, so that all its sensors return to their original state.

To do this, we must enter the Settings > About phone > Backup and reset > Delete all data. Here, we will have to enter our pattern or security PIN to confirm that we are us. Then, we will proceed to execute the smartphone wipe. Of course, we recommend you to make a backup of all the files you have on the device so you do not lose them forever.

However, we could calibrate it from a third-party app that we can download from Google Play. We refer to Accelerometer Calibration, it will help us to the gyroscope of your smartphone is calibrated .

Download Accelerometer Calibration

To achieve this, we have to place the phone on a flat surface such as a table and, in the case that the red dot is not in the absolute center, we must click on the ‘Calibrate’ button to run the app. In this way, we will return to get the screen of the Xiaomi back to rotate smoothly.


Why is the screen rotation function not working on my Xiaomi phone?

The screen rotation function may not work on your Xiaomi phone due to various reasons, such as disabled settings, issues with internal processes, interference from installed applications, or problems with the gyroscope sensor.

How can I enable the screen rotation feature on my Xiaomi phone?

To enable the screen rotation feature on your Xiaomi phone, access the phone settings, enter the Display menu, and click on the “Rotate screen automatically” function to activate the tool.

How can I check if an installed application is causing the screen rotation issue on my Xiaomi phone?

To check if an installed application is causing the screen rotation issue, enter Safe Mode on your Xiaomi phone by pressing the power button until a menu appears. Hold down the power off option until you see a message to “Restart in safe mode.” Inside Safe Mode, remove recently downloaded applications one by one, then restart the phone and check if the screen rotation issue is resolved.

Is there a third-party app that can help me control screen rotation on my Xiaomi phone?

Yes, there is a third-party app called “Control Screen Rotation” that can help you control screen rotation on your Xiaomi phone. The app offers different activation modes and can prevent other tools from interfering with the screen rotation function.

Can I calibrate the gyroscope sensor on my Xiaomi phone to fix the screen rotation issue?

While you cannot calibrate the gyroscope sensor directly from the terminal itself, you can use a third-party app called “Accelerometer Calibration” to calibrate the gyroscope. Place your phone on a flat surface, and if the red dot is not in the absolute center, click on the “Calibrate” button to calibrate the gyroscope. This may help resolve the screen rotation issue on your Xiaomi phone.