Continental Edison brand TVs are affordable entry-level televisions that offer various services. This article will explore some problems you might encounter with these TVs and provide maximum solutions to rectify them.

Backlight Issue with Continental Edison TV

One possible issue you may experience is backlight failure.

Users often notice that the TV picture suddenly stops, but the sound continues. On closer inspection, an image is present but without any backlight, making viewing impossible, and restoring the backlight functionality can be problematic.

However, this doesn’t mean your TV is dead! It is necessary to pinpoint the problem for subsequent repairs. You can locate the fault yourself if you feel capable.

To do so:

  1. Procure a multimeter.
  2. Inside your TV, find the connector with 2 red and black cables.
  3. Disconnect it from the TV and connect the two cables to the respective black and red plugs of the multimeter.
  4. Check that the voltage is 24v. If it is, the defect is in the LEDs. If not, the problem lies in the power supply.

Once you’ve located the fault, you can acquire new LEDs or a new power supply cable to repair your Continental Edison TV.

Caution! It is strongly recommended to call in a professional if you are not confident performing these steps on your own.

Sound Issue with Continental Edison TV

All TVs encounter this same issue.

Year after year, the image quality improves, but sound quality is often compromised to cut costs.

Unfortunately, Continental Edison TVs are no exception. No matter how much you fiddle with the sound settings on your TV, nothing helps. The background music in movies overshadows the dialogue, or your Continental Edison TV has no bass, resulting in unpleasant sound.

The most effective solution to this problem is a soundbar. Choose one that offers Dolby Digital sound as lower-end soundbars may not improve your TV’s sound quality.

HDMI Issue with Continental Edison TV

You may face various issues related to the HDMI of your Continental Edison TV.

If no image appears on the screen via your HDMI source, do the following to ensure the problem is with your TV:

  1. Double-check all your connections.
  2. Try another HDMI cable.
  3. Ensure you are on the correct HDMI channel (HDMI 1, HDMI 2, HDMI 3).

If everything checks out, the problem likely lies in the HDMI input of the Continental Edison TV.

You may also encounter issues with the display quality of your HDMI source or a black screen.

To switch the output quality to 4K, do the following:

  1. Go to “Preferences” in your TV’s menu.
  2. Select “Inputs”.
  3. Choose “HDMI EDID Version”.
  4. Activate “EDID 2.0”.

The HDMI image will now be displayed in 4K.

Remote Control Issue with Continental Edison TV

The problem with the remote control of a Continental Edison TV could be minor.

Perform the following checks:

  1. Change the batteries in your remote.
  2. Check if your remote is still emitting an infrared signal.
  3. Try using a universal remote to see if it works.

If everything seems to work but the remote still doesn’t function, reset your TV and your remote.

If none of these measures work, I’m sorry to say, your remote may have died and needs replacing.

Booting Issue with Continental Edison TV

You might encounter a booting issue on your Continental Edison TV, characterized by the message “Android starting” displaying for several minutes before you can navigate in the TV’s user interface.

187 TV CONTINENTAL EDISON PB DEMARRAGE 1 Continental Edison TVs Problems (Explained & Fixed)

To bypass this issue, press and hold the “Power” and “Volume (-)” buttons simultaneously for 30 seconds during startup until the message disappears.

Possible causes could be:

  1. Memory or internal storage issues – It is advised to free up memory by deleting unnecessary videos, photos, and uninstalling unused apps.
  2. Corrupted or incompatible application – If you’ve installed a third-party app from an unknown source (not from Android’s Play Store), start by uninstalling these apps. If this doesn’t help, reset your TV to factory settings by deleting all saved data and start the setup from scratch.

If your TV doesn’t turn on at all, first, ensure your remote control is functioning correctly. If it is, reset your Continental Edison TV, ensure all cables are connected correctly and try to turn it on using the TV’s ON/OFF button.

In case your TV still doesn’t turn on, you might be facing a problem related to the TV’s components. To solve this issue, you might need to open your TV to check fuses and the capacitor. It’s crucial to have a multimeter to pinpoint the issue. Tutorials on YouTube can guide you through these steps.


Check if your TV is still under warranty before attempting any of these actions. If it’s not, consider hiring a professional or skilled individuals offering repair services.

Wifi Problems on Continental Edison TV

Experiencing wifi issues on a connected Continental Edison TV can be frustrating. Try to unplug and replug your internet box and TV to reset the system.

It’s also recommended to navigate to your TV’s menu and “forget” the saved Wifi network in the “Network” section. After this, you can reconfigure the network by connecting to it using your Box’s IP address and wifi password.

If the problem persists but other connected devices have wifi, contact Continental Edison’s customer service or visit a repair shop.

Vertical or Horizontal Lines on Continental Edison TV Screen

If you notice one or more horizontal or vertical lines appearing on your Continental Edison TV, as shown in the image below, this might be due to various issues.

trait horizental sur ecran tv continental edison Continental Edison TVs Problems (Explained & Fixed)

Steps to resolve:

1. Unplug your TV from the Electrical Outlet

Often referred to as a power reset or restart, this action usually solves the TV issue.

  • Unplug your TV from the electrical outlet.
  • Wait at least 60 seconds.
  • Plug the cable back in and turn on your TV.

This operation helps to drain any residual electric charge from your TV, effectively resetting it.

2. Check the Source

If you’re using a TV Box, DVD player, or any other external source, ensure the HDMI cable used is properly connected. This kind of issue can sometimes be due to a poorly connected cable. If nothing changes, try using a new HDMI cable. Yours might be damaged.

3. Try Another Power Outlet

Sometimes, the issue might simply be a non-functioning power outlet or power strip. If you’re using a power strip, try plugging your TV directly into the wall socket. If needed, test your TV on another power outlet in the house.

4. Reset your Continental Edison TV to Factory Settings

If necessary, perform a factory reset. To do this, press the HOME button on your remote control. Then, go to the menu: Settings (the gear icon at the top of the screen) > Device Preferences. Then, select “Reset” or “Factory settings restoration”. Finally, enter your PIN (the default code is 1234 if you haven’t changed it). Lastly, confirm the operation.

Your TV will automatically restart once the reset is completed.

5. Screen Panel Issue

If you’ve reached this point and your TV still displays horizontal or vertical lines, it’s likely a screen panel issue.

Unfortunately, in most cases, you can’t repair a TV screen panel. TV manufacturers don’t sell replacement screens and there’s no resale market for broken screens. The screen is by far the most expensive part of the TV. Replacing it would cost more than buying a new TV. In short, it’s economically unviable.

Pros and Cons of Continental Edison TVs

When buying a TV, you often choose based on your budget, its quality, and its features.

Here are some pros and cons of Continental Edison TVs to help with your decision-making (pros for the QLED Android TV model):


  • Affordable price
  • Low power consumption
  • Great contrast
  • Android TV system
  • Remote control
  • Good fluidity


  • Mediocre sound quality
  • Poor calibration
  • Same quality as other “Non-QLED” TVs


Continental Edison TVs can face various problems of varying severity.

Today, numerous solutions are available online to help understand and fix your TV issues.

Easy? That depends on you.

If you feel incapable of managing the repairs for your Continental Edison TV, don’t panic! It’s no shame, absolutely not! As the saying goes, “Everyone has their specialty”. You can hire a professional or skilled individual to take care of your Continental Edison TV’s issues.