Welcome to our guide on troubleshooting sound issues with your TCL TV. Is your TCL TV sound not working anymore? Don’t be overwhelmed. This article will walk you through resolving any potential sound issues with your TCL TV quickly and straightforwardly.

What to Do if Your TCL TV Sound Stops Working

If your TCL TV’s sound has stopped working, start by rebooting your TCL TV. Do this by unplugging it from the power supply, then plug it back in and turn it on. Next, check to see if the mute mode has been activated. Also, inspect the condition of your HDMI cable.

1. Restart Your TCL TV

One of the easiest ways to fix minor issues that seem to appear for no reason is simply to restart your device. If you’re experiencing a sound issue with your TCL TV, it’s recommended that you perform an electrical restart.

To do this, unplug the TV from the power source for 30 seconds, then plug it back in and turn it on.

2. Check if Your TV is in Mute Mode

The Mute mode is also referred to as the Hotel or Hospital mode. This mode is a restriction offered by the TV to significantly limit the TV’s sound volume, particularly to adapt to public places.

To exit Hotel or Hospital mode on a TCL TV, turn off your TV and quickly perform this combination of keys “DISPLAY – 5 – VOLUME + – POWER”. If that doesn’t work, try the following key combination: “LEFT – RIGHT – MUTE – OK – MUTE – MENU”.

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Within a few seconds, the factory menu will appear. Press Menu on your remote control, select TCL Hotel/hospital mode setup, and choose No. You should regain normal sound levels.

3. Check Your HDMI Cables

If you’ve lost sound on your TCL TV, the problem might stem from your HDMI cables.

Start by checking to see if a cable has come unplugged on either end.

Then, make sure your cable isn’t bent too severely, forming a sharp angle or exposed. The cable should stay rigid and as straight as possible.

Finally, if you have another cable handy, try using it to confirm whether the problem is cable-related.

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4. Check the Power Cord

No sound on your TCL TV? Could the power cord be the culprit?

Although we seldom manipulate this cable, it can still get damaged, bent, or crushed by furniture. This damage could be significant enough to deprive the TV of some functionalities without fully cutting off power.

Check if your power cord, or the one for your sound system if you have one connected to your TCL TV, is damaged. If in doubt, consider replacing it.

5. Check the Sound Settings of Your TCL TV

If you have no sound, several settings could explain this:

  • The volume is set to 0, simply increase the volume.
  • The TV is on Mute. Press the Mute button on the remote again.
  • The speakers might be disabled. To reverse this, go to: HOME > Settings > Display and Sound > Audio Output > Link with the headphone speaker > No.

In these same settings, and depending on your TV model, you can also enable or disable options like Bass Boost or Surround Sound. Also, check the connections if using an external sound system.

6. Update Your TCL TV

Updating your TV is often a way to eliminate various minor electronic bugs that prevent your TV from functioning correctly, such as lack of sound.

If your TV isn’t connected to the internet, the update will need to be done using a USB drive:

  • Download the update corresponding to your model available on TCL’s website.
  • Extract the file and put it on a USB drive that you can connect to your TV.
  • Press MENU or OPTION on the remote control, select Settings > System > Software Update, and press OK.
  • Choose the next option: USB and validate. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

However, if your TV is connected to the Internet:

The TV will restart on its own, and the update will be operational.

7. Reset Your TCL TV

Resetting a TCL TV is quite simple. The procedure is as follows:

If your TV has a RESET button:

  • Hold down the RESET button on the side panel of the TV for 12 seconds.
  • Once the reset cycle is complete, the status indicator lights up.
  • Release the RESET button. Your TV is now off.
  • Turn it back on and proceed with the guided setup.

Otherwise, if you don’t have a RESET button, try the following procedure during the rare moments when your screen is working:

  • Press the Settings button on your remote control and go to the Menu Assistance > Store reset.
  • If your TV is under ANDROID TV, you will find this option in the Menu Settings > System > About > Reset > Factory reset > Delete all.
  • Use the numeric keys on the remote control to enter your password (if you haven’t changed it, it’s 1234).
  • Select OK to confirm and start the reset.

8. Use Your Warranty

Despite all our advice, if you still don’t have sound on your TCL TV, it means you must activate your TV’s warranty to solve your problem.

A product purchased less than 2 years ago should be covered by the seller under the legal warranty of conformity.

Several solutions are possible, such as a technician’s intervention, an exchange, or a connection with a brand technician.

If your TV is no longer under warranty, a specialized audio/video repair technician will be needed, but at your expense.

To Summarize

Sound problems often have an unknown origin, but they can be resolved with simple measures like restarting the TV, checking the connections (power and HDMI cable), or even an update.