Wix, a popular website builder, offers a range of features to customize your website’s navigation. One such feature is the ability to make a page unclickable. This can be particularly useful when you want a menu item to act as a label or title for a dropdown menu without linking to an actual page. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to create an unclickable page in Wix.

Steps to Make a Page Unclickable in Wix

  1. Reviewing Your Menu: Begin by examining your website’s menu. For instance, if you have a “Shop” menu item with dropdown options like “Clothing”, “Accessories”, and “Toys”, and you don’t want “Shop” to be clickable, follow the next steps.
  2. Accessing the Editor: Navigate back to the Wix editor to make changes.
  3. Navigating to Pages and Menu: On the left-hand side of the editor, click on the “Pages and Menu” option.
  4. Adding a Submenu Title: Instead of having “Shop” as an actual page, you’ll need to add a submenu title, which acts as a label. At the bottom, click on “Add” and select “Submenu Title”. Name it “Shop” or whatever title you prefer.
  5. Rearranging Menu Items: Drag the newly created submenu title to its desired position in the menu. Then, drag the relevant pages (e.g., “Clothing”, “Accessories”, “Toys”) underneath the submenu title.
  6. Hiding the Original Page: If you had an original “Shop” page, you can choose to hide it so that it doesn’t appear in the menu. This ensures you don’t have duplicate menu items.

Previewing Your Changes

After making the changes, navigate back to your website’s homepage to view the updated menu. In the preview mode, you’ll notice that the “Shop” menu item (or whichever title you chose) is unclickable, while the dropdown options beneath it remain clickable.


Creating an unclickable page in Wix is a straightforward process that can enhance your website’s navigation, especially when you want to group certain pages under a common label. By following the steps mentioned above, you can ensure a more organized and user-friendly menu for your website visitors.