Wix, a versatile website builder, offers a range of features to customize your website. One of the elements you might use is the repeater, which allows for repeated design elements. However, there might be times when you want to remove either the entire repeater or specific items within it. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to remove repeaters on Wix.

Removing Repeater Items in Wix

  1. Identifying the Repeater: On your Wix editor, locate the repeater element. This might look like blocks or cards representing different items, such as profiles of different people.
  2. Deleting the Entire Repeater: If you wish to remove the whole repeater, simply select the repeater and press the ‘Delete’ key. This action will remove the entire repeater from your page.
  3. Managing Individual Items: If you only want to remove specific items within the repeater, navigate to ‘Manage Items’. This will show you a list of all the items within the repeater.
  4. Selecting Items to Remove: As you hover over each item in the ‘Manage Items’ section, it will be highlighted on the page. Identify the items you wish to remove.
  5. Removing Specific Items: Next to each item, you’ll find three dots. Click on them to reveal options to either duplicate or delete the item. To remove the item, simply select ‘Delete’. If you remove an item, the subsequent items will automatically shift up to fill the space.
  6. Adjusting Page Height: After removing items, if your page doesn’t adjust its height automatically, you can manually adjust it using the ‘Adjusting Height’ or ‘Adjusting Section Height’ toggle.


Repeaters in Wix are a fantastic tool for creating uniform design elements across your website. However, the flexibility to remove them or specific items within them ensures that you can always modify your design as per your requirements. With the steps mentioned above, you can easily manage and customize repeaters on your Wix website, ensuring a tailored user experience.