The image zoom hover effect is a dynamic feature that allows website visitors to see a magnified version of an image when they hover over it. This effect can enhance user experience by providing a closer look at product images, photos, or any other visuals on your Wix website.

Why Use the Zoom Hover Effect on Wix?

This effect can be particularly useful for e-commerce websites where potential buyers might want to inspect product details closely. It’s also a stylish way to engage visitors and make your website more interactive.

What is the Process to Add the Zoom Hover Effect?

  1. Prepare the Workspace: Begin by adding a blank section on your Wix website where you’d like the image with the hover effect to appear.
  2. Select the Right Element: Instead of choosing the standard image element, opt for a ‘hover box’. To do this, click on the plus icon to add elements and navigate to ‘Box’. From there, select a hover box template. For simplicity, you can choose a basic template.
  3. Customize the Hover Box: Once the hover box is on your page, delete any unnecessary text or elements from both the regular and hover modes to leave only the image.
  4. Replace the Image: Click on the image within the hover box and replace it with your desired media. This can be from Wix’s gallery, Unsplash, or your own uploaded image.
  5. Adjust the Hover Effect: With the hover box selected, go to ‘Hover Mode’. Here, you can choose the ‘Effect’ option to customize how the image will zoom. You can decide the growth percentage and the point from which the image will magnify.
  6. Preview and Test: After setting up the hover effect, preview your website to see the effect in action. Ensure the image zooms appropriately when hovered over.
  7. Optional – Add a Link: If you want the image to redirect to another page when clicked, double-click the image, select the link icon, and choose your desired destination.

What is the Result?

By following these steps, you’ll have an engaging image zoom hover effect on your Wix website. This feature not only enhances the visual appeal of your site but also provides a functional tool for visitors to inspect images closely.