Aiming for a highlight in the market, Intel has launched the Intel NUC 12 Pro mini PC, a device that combines portability, power, and productivity. Equipped with the 12th generation Intel Core processor and Intel Iris X graphics, Intel’s compact package already comes with wired connection compatibility, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

The new computer in the NUC family promises desktop performance and energy efficiency, but does it deliver on its promises? In this review, we analyze the construction, design, and performance aspects of tasks such as video editing, gaming, and multitasking. All to assist in the decision of whether this is the mini PC for you.

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Mini PC Intel NUC 12 Pro

Construction and Design

Going against the trend of larger and more extravagant cabinet designs in the market, with RGB lighting and bold designs, the Intel NUC 12 Pro focuses on portability, simplicity, and elegance. These are characteristics of the NUC (Next Unit of Computing), a category of small form factor computers that offer desktop-level performance.

Its all-plastic construction, with some metal grilles, brings a sense of robustness and practicality to the Intel mini PC.

Mini PC Intel NUC 12 Pro Construction and Design

NUC 12 Pro is super compact, with a size of 117 X 113 X 34 mm, it practically fits in the palm of your hand. It comes with a standard VESA mount, allowing the device to be installed on the back of most monitors.

Suporte VESA NUC 12 Pro Mini PC Intel NUC 12 Pro: Review

Due to its compact size, the NUC 12 Pro does not have space for an internal power supply, so the device comes with an external power supply. Interestingly, the power supply is almost the same size as the device.

Tamanho NUC 12 Pro Mini PC Intel NUC 12 Pro: Review

On its front panel, the NUC 12 Pro has, in addition to the power button, two USB 3.2 ports, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. On the rear panel, we can see the rest of the available connections. We have two more USB ports, one 2.0 and one 3.2, two normal-sized HDMI outputs, two Thunderbolt 4 ports, and a 2.5 Gbps LAN port.

Paineis NUC 12 Pro Mini PC Intel NUC 12 Pro: Review

During use of the NUC 12 Pro, we noticed that peripherals with cables do not match the device very well. Due to its diminutive size, any extra extension of peripheral cables will move the mini PC from its place, so we recommend using wireless connections with the device.


we noticed that the Intel NUC 12 Pro is extremely quiet and, against all expectations, has a very efficient cooling system. The computer maintained an acceptable temperature, both in the device and in the power supply, for most of the tests. One of the most impressive factors of this model is the combination of portability with power. We received the model for review that comes with an Intel Core i7-1260P processor, the chip from the new P series, which features a hybrid architecture.

CPU Z cpu Mini PC Intel NUC 12 Pro: Review

Among the available models, the NUC 12 Pro with the Core i7-1260P chipset is the most powerful. This processor has four performance cores and eight efficiency/hybrid cores, generating a total of 12 cores and 16 threads for the processor. This is a new format for manufacturing Intel processors for the 12th generation. In this format, secondary tasks of the computer will be processed in the efficiency cores instead of the performance cores, all managed by the process created in partnership with Microsoft, the Intel Thread Director.

On the motherboard of this model of the NUC 12 Pro line, we find only one space for an M.2 2280 SSD, two slots for SO-DIMM RAM, with a maximum of 64 GB total, in DDR4-3200 MHz format and support for PCIe Gen 4×4 NVMe or SATA SSDs.

CPU Z memory Mini PC Intel NUC 12 Pro: Review

The Intel NUC 12 Pro is also equipped with Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, both with internal antennas, and a LAN port and 2.5GB input. As it is a mini PC, the Intel NUC 12 Pro does not have a slot for a dedicated video card, so it comes equipped with an integrated graphics processor, the Intel Iris Xe (96EU), not altering the architecture of previous generations.

CPU Z graphics Mini PC Intel NUC 12 Pro: Review


As this line of mini PCs is focused on office and/or home office tasks, a large part of our tests will target the more corporate use of the test equipment, from multitasking to video editing.

To test the machine’s performance in multitasking, we installed the Google Chrome browser, known to require a lot of RAM during its execution. We then opened several tabs with different pages in both Google’s and Microsoft’s Edge browsers to observe if there were any system crashes or slowness.

The result we had was that, even with multiple tasks running simultaneously, the Intel NUC 12 Pro remained stable and without apparent problems. In our tests, in addition to open browsers, we decided to run some programs such as Zoom, Photoshop, Spotify, and other common ones used in home office or office settings.

Home Office

The “Wall Street Canyon,” as the NUC 12 is also called, is Intel’s latest bet for home office use. With this release, they aim to provide remote professionals, or those who work in traditional office settings, with a much more practical and compact option than a traditional desktop.

In addition to taking up less space, the Intel NUC 12 Pro doesn’t have the complexity that often exists in a traditional desktop. We can consider this powerful machine “plug and play,” where all you need to do is connect a keyboard, mouse, monitor, headphones, or speakers, and everything is ready to use.

Home Office

Due to its size, it can be easily integrated into small spaces, and if necessary, it can still be attached to the back of your monitor, as we have shown before, further reducing the space required in your home workspace.

When working from home, we often face logistical problems such as limited space, where to install the equipment, where to place the router to get the best connection quality, among others. This is another point where the NUC 12 surprised us. In its kit, it comes equipped with powerful solutions for these types of problems.

In addition to already having Bluetooth connectivity, which can be used to connect some peripherals, saving even more space due to the absence of cables, it also has a powerful Wi-Fi system (Wi-Fi 6E) in addition to the ethernet port that can connect to networks even at moderate distances while maintaining a good connection.

Melhoras presentes no Wi Fi 6E Mini PC Intel NUC 12 Pro: Review

When working from home, we often face logistical problems such as limited space, where to install the equipment, where to place the router to get the best connection quality, among others. This is another point where the NUC 12 surprised us. In its kit, it comes equipped with powerful solutions for these types of problems.

Intel launched the NUC 12 Pro to meet the needs of remote workers, a task that was well accomplished by the equipment we received. In our tests, it delivered excellent results, whether it was browsing the internet, creating and editing text, creating graphic design pieces, and the like.

Video Editing

To put the processing power of the NUC 12 Pro to the test, we decided to edit a video on the mini PC. The goal was to test its ability to meet more specific needs that can sometimes become too heavy for some outdated equipment.

We used Adobe Premiere Pro 2023 to edit a quick video in Ultra HD (4K) quality, just to see how the device would perform during use. We recorded some takes with the device, edited them, and exported everything in the same original quality of the 3840×2160 (4K) file.

Video Editing

During video editing, the NUC 12 Pro did not present any type of problem, whether it was processing or slow performance. It remained stable throughout the process of importing videos, processing stabilization effects, and exporting.


Although it is not the focus of the NUC 12 Pro, we decided to run some tests related to the device’s graphics capability, after all, we also have our leisure moments after work. For the manual test, we chose to run a recently released game, Hogwarts Legacy, belonging to the Harry Potter universe, which has raised discussions about its optimization problems.

So, as a test, we decided to run the game on the mini PC to put to the test if the same power presented in terms of tasks also applies to game execution. However, we know that we are pushing the machine with a game that is not presenting good results in its optimization.

Game hogwarts legacy rodando no mini pc intel nuc 12 pro com configurações recomendadas

During the game’s execution, we did not change the pre-established settings by the game. Therefore, running at medium preset, the game showed stability at 25 frames, which for more casual players, does not present problems. After all, until recently, most console games were locked at a maximum of 30 frames.

Synthetic Tests

For productivity tests, in addition to using the equipment for some work and leisure functions, we ran PCMark 10, a benchmark that measures the machine’s performance in various performance needs.

Synthetic Tests

This test simulates various workflows, content creation, and productivity. All to measure performance in day-to-day or office-centered tasks, such as text production, spreadsheets, internet browsing, and video conferencing.

Based on the results presented by PCMark 10, compared to the results of other mini PC models, this puts the NUC 12 Pro among the best in its category. It should be noted that there may be changes in results depending on variables such as memory and storage.

For graphics tests, we used the 3DMark benchmark, which measures the power and performance of the equipment in different situations when running a game. The chosen benchmark to run was Time Spy. It uses DirectX12 and forces processor and graphics card threads to render scenes in 2K quality, aiming to calculate machine and system performance in technologies common in games.

Benchmark Results

Looking at the benchmark results, we concluded that for a machine that is not focused on games, the NUC 12 Pro achieves good results in the tests exposed to it. The mini PC is likely to have good to moderate performances in games, of course, depending on how heavy the game is for the machine and/or how well the game is optimized.


The NUC 12 Pro is a powerful device for those who do not want a computer that takes up too much space, given its compact and minimalist design. Already coming from the factory with the Windows 11 operating system, in the corporate sector it performed well, executing all day-to-day tasks without apparent flaws, and showing stability in all functions that the project promises. It also proved capable of running some of the most popular games with ease, even though that is not the focus of this line of Intel mini PCs.

Technical Specifications: Intel NUC 12 Pro

ProductIntel NUC 12 Pro
ProcessorIntel Core i7-1260p
Graphics cardIntel Iris X (96)
 RAM2x 8GB DDR4-3200 SODIMMs
Storage500GB Gen 4 NVMe SSD
Audio7.1 surround audio via HDMI

3.5 mm stereo




Frontal: 2x USB 3.2
Trazeira: 2x USB 4 (tipo C), 1x USB 3.2, 1x USB 2.0
Lan: Intel Ethernet Controller i225-V
WLAN: Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX211(Gig+)
Bluetooth: Sim
Case117 X 113 X 34 mm

Intel NUC 12 Pro: Pros & cons


  • Compact size
  • Easy installation
  • Can be used for simpler games
  • Native wireless connections


  • Few USB-A connections
  • Does not have many expansion options
  • Prices may be higher due to the included components.

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