Many users have reported that the MIUI 14 update from Xiaomi has led to significant battery drain and overheating issues on their phones. These problems, which impact the battery performance of updated devices, vary in severity depending on the model of phone.

Xiaomi has acknowledged that the current version of MIUI has optimization issues that lead to increased battery usage. However, the company is actively working to address these concerns in future updates to the software.

One of the main issues with MIUI 14 is the high consumption of system resources, which can be addressed by implementing different patches. If you are still experiencing battery drain issues on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO device after MIUI 14 update, you can try these tips to help conserve battery life on your Xiaomi phone running MIUI 14.

Update to Latest MIUI 14 to Fix Battery Drain

Xiaomi is aware of the issues that have arisen with the latest versions of its software on some of its phones. To address these problems, the company has been releasing patches to improve battery performance and reduce overheating. It is likely that a solution has already been provided, but in case you haven’t received it yet, it may be helpful for you.

To ensure that you receive future software updates as soon as they become available, you can enable the “Receive updates earlier” option on your Xiaomi phone.

To do this, go to Mobile Settings > tap on the About Phone section > click on MIUI > click on the top three dots > choose the Update Settings option > scroll down and activate the button “Receive updates earlier

Install the latest ROM

If you are tired of waiting, you may find the next update for your smartphone on this official Xiaomi page. When you are in, just follow these steps:

  1. Choose the model of your Chinese phone. And look carefully if the version that is available is more recent than the one you have on your smartphone.
  2. Click on the button ‘Download Full Rom‘.
  3. Once the download is complete, you must go to Settings > About phone > MIUI version.
  4. Then, tap on the three vertical dots at the top right and click on Select update package.
  5. Now you will just have to find the file with the new version you just downloaded on your Chinese phone. Finally, select it so that the mobile starts to charge it.

Improve Battery Life on Xiaomi Phones to the MAXIMUM

In GoStart.Biz, we have provided tips to improve the battery life of Xiaomi phones on multiple occasions, including in earlier versions of the MIUI operating system such as MIUI 11 and 12.

Today, we want to focus on providing general tips for conserving battery on Xiaomi phones running MIUI. By following these suggestions, you can prevent the need for multiple charging cycles throughout the day.

Before you begin implementing any changes, it’s important to back up any important data on your phone, just in case. Once you’ve done that, you can explore the various tricks and settings within MIUI that can help prolong the battery life of your Xiaomi device.

1. Don’t Use Mi Account

Many users have found that the battery drain issues on MIUI 14 may be related to the use of the Mi account. If you are currently using your Mi account on your phone that has been updated to MIUI 14, it’s recommended to stop using it as it runs constantly in the background and can consume significant system resources and power.

The latest versions of MIUI 14 has resolve this bug. But even then, you can try this yourself and notice how consumption of battery is reduced, even with your account.

2. MIUI Saving Mode

All smartphones, including those running MIUI, have a battery saving mode that can help extend the battery life of the device. This feature is a standard part of the Android operating system. However, MIUI offers an additional “Extreme battery saving” mode that can provide even more power savings.

To activate this mode, go to Settings > Battery and Performance > and click on “Extreme battery saving”.

It’s important to note that you must be running at least MIUI 14, as this feature was only introduced in that version of the software.

3. The Magic configuration

Users have reported finding specific configurations that seem to greatly improve the battery life of Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO phones running the Chinese MIUI customization layer. These users have shared their findings on various forums.

The suggested configuration is as follows:

  • Charge the battery to 100%.
  • Go to Privacy Settings > Special Permissions > Battery Optimization > and select all items on the screen to be in ‘Optimize’ status
  • Run system cleaner and cleanup all files
  • Finally, restart the phone. Note that it is not suggested to perform a factory reset, just a simple restart via the reset button.

4. Improve Battery with Ambient Off

The MIUI customization layer on some Xiaomi phones, particularly those with AMOLED displays, has an Ambient Display feature that shows the time and other information on the lock screen.

While the energy consumption of this feature may not be significant, disabling it could improve your phone’s battery life. To turn off Ambient Display, go to the Settings app, select Always On Display, and uncheck the Ambient Display option.

5. Conserve Battery with Animation Control

The MIUI 14 update introduced improved and more visually attractive system animations, but they also consume more energy. Having these animations enabled can cause your battery to drain faster. To improve your battery life, it’s recommended to disable them.

To turn off system animations, open the phone settings app, go to Additional settings, select Accessibility options and locate the “Remove animations” option. This will help to conserve battery on a Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO device.

6. Prevent Background App Drain

This tip can help you save battery on any version of MIUI, on Xiaomi phones. Many apps that you use every day may not fully close when you exit them, but instead continue running in the background without your knowledge. To prevent this from happening, you can adjust the settings for background activity in the security app on your phone.

To access these settings, go to Battery and Performance in the security app > Saving applications. Then, select each app individually and check the “Restrict background activity” option for apps that you don’t want running in the background.

7. Track Battery Usage by App

Also within the section we have just seen of MIUI Battery. It will be important that we see what consumes more energy in our smartphones. In this way, we can quickly discover if an app spends more than the account, even when we do not use it.

Although, with the previous trick, we will have already avoided that it continues to consume energy in the background. Anyway, for you to see it and decide if you want to continue to keep that app or delete it, you must go into Settings > Battery and performance > Usage statistics.

8. Beautiful Superwallpapers – Battery Impact

One of the new features introduced in MIUI 14 are the dynamic Superwallpapers which are compatible with certain Xiaomi phones. These animated wallpapers consume more battery power than a static wallpaper, so if you want to conserve battery, you may want to consider using a regular wallpaper instead.

Changing your wallpaper on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO phone is easy, you can do it by going to the system settings app > Wallpaper.

9. Maximize Battery with Dark Mode

The Dark Mode feature on Xiaomi phones is not exclusive to MIUI, but the customization layer has improved its functionality. Using it can help you save several hours of battery life every day. You can also set a schedule for when you want the Dark Mode to activate, not just at night.

The Dark mode feature can be found in the mobile screen options, within the settings app, under the Brightness level. This tool is also responsible for adjusting the intensity, even when the automatic brightness feature is turned off.

10. Optimize Battery with Refresh Rate Control

Depending on your specific device, you may have the option to change the refresh rate depending on how you are using your phone. This setting can be useful to improve the battery life of your Xiaomi device.

To change the refresh rate, go to Settings > Display > Refresh Rate. From here, you can choose a lower refresh rate to save battery on your Xiaomi device.

11. Conserve Battery with Notification Effect Control

Beautiful or attractive, MIUI notification effects will spend much more energy than we think. Basically, because this effect will turn on the phone panel every time we get an alert or message to the smartphone.

So we recommend that you do the test and disable this setting for a while: Settings > Lock Screen > “Disable Notification Effect“.

Tips to Save Battery in Xiaomi Phones

If you’re looking to increase the battery life of your Xiaomi phone running MIUI, these tips can help you save power:

  • Disable any mobile connections that you’re not using, such as Wi-Fi, mobile data, and Bluetooth.
  • Use airplane mode to conserve battery when you don’t need to use any connectivity options.
  • Turn off the GPS when you’re not using it to prevent unnecessary battery drain.
  • Enable automatic brightness, and if your battery is low, manually adjust the brightness to the lowest setting.
  • Put your phone in silent mode or enable the “Do Not Disturb” mode to prevent vibrations from draining your battery.
  • If your phone has an “Always on Display” feature, turn it off when your battery is low.
  • Lower the screen timeout setting to lock your phone as soon as possible.
  • Turn off your phone when you don’t need to use it to save battery, such as when you’re working, studying, or traveling on public transport.


What is the full screen mode in Xiaomi phones, and how do I enable it?

Full screen mode on Xiaomi phones allows users to customize their experience with MIUI. It was introduced in MIUI 10 and has continued to be present in newer versions of the software. This mode enables you to use the entire screen, regardless of the bottom bar or the type of notch your phone has. To enable full screen mode, go to mobile settings, click on the panel section, and enter the Xiaomi Full Screen Mode.

How can I use gestures in MIUI to maximize screen space?

Using gestures in MIUI can help you gain more screen space by getting rid of on-screen buttons. To enable gestures, access the settings of your mobile smartphone, go to Additional Settings, choose the option to play full, and change the option to put full screen on your Xiaomi phone.

How do I disable the notch hiding feature in MIUI to fully utilize the screen?

To disable the notch hiding feature and fully utilize your screen, go to Settings u003e Display u003e Notch and status bar u003e Hide notch. The ideal option for getting the full display of your Xiaomi mobile is the one that does not hide the notch and leaves it as it is.

How do I fix battery drain issues on my Xiaomi phone after updating to MIUI 13?

To fix battery drain issues on your Xiaomi phone after updating to MIUI 13, ensure you have the latest MIUI 13 update and follow various tips to conserve battery life. Some of these tips include disabling Mi account, enabling MIUI saving mode, optimizing battery settings, turning off ambient display, disabling system animations, preventing background app drain, and using dark mode.

How can I conserve battery life on my Xiaomi phone running MIUI 13 by adjusting the refresh rate?

To conserve battery life on your Xiaomi phone running MIUI 13 by adjusting the refresh rate, go to Settings u003e Display u003e Refresh Rate. From here, you can choose a lower refresh rate to save battery on your Xiaomi device.