As Elon Musk considers rewarding verified creators with an advertising revenue sharing system between Threads and its creators, here are 6 methods to efficiently monetize a Threads account without waiting for the arrival of this new monetization option.

Quick Cash on Threads:

  1. Promote third-party products and services through an affiliate program to earn commissions on generated sales;
  2. Sign up on influencer marketing platforms to be contacted by advertisers;
  3. Sign up for Threads “Subscriptions” program to offer paid subscriptions to your best followers;
  4. Publish sponsored threads in the context of partnerships directly managed with brands;
  5. Create and sell your own service or product via Threads;
  6. Create a paid newsletter and promote it via Threads.

1- Make Money on Threads through Affiliate Link Sharing

No matter the theme of your Threads account, there is undoubtedly one or more affiliate programs related to this theme capable of rewarding you between 3% and nearly 30% per redirected sale.

How does it work?

The first step is to build a qualified audience in a specific sector.

Next, you should sign up on affiliate platforms to apply for programs related to the themes of your account (to apply, you will need to present your Threads account and answer a short questionnaire).

It is also possible to apply for programs directly managed by advertisers from their website when they do not go through a specialized platform (you can also establish direct affiliate partnerships with the advertiser if they do not publicly offer this option).

Once your request is accepted, you simply need to share your personalized affiliate links in your threads and threads.

Each sale associated with your personalized link will then turn into a commission that you can subsequently recover via a transfer or a service like Paypal.

2- Register on an Influencer Platform and Publish Sponsored threads by Brands

If your account has a significant number of followers, you might consider signing up on influencer marketing platforms that connect influencers (nano, micro, and macro) with advertisers willing to spend from tens to several thousands of euros to be featured in one of your threads or threads.

Though reserved for accounts with several thousand followers and significant engagement rates, this means of making money on Threads is effective and allows for diversifying revenue sources.

Among the existing platforms, we can mention Reech and Kolsquare (but there are many others).

3- Publish Sponsored threads by Brands without an Intermediary

If being listed on an influencer marketing platform limits the prospecting work to be done on your side to find advertisers, these also take a commission on your schemes and do not necessarily put you forward with potential advertisers.

Setting up sponsored partnerships with brands directly is thus a good way to make money on Threads while cutting out intermediaries.

If your account is not yet very recognized in the sector, don’t hesitate to interact directly on Threads with brands that might want to gain visibility on your account. By gradually creating a relationship with these, a sponsored partnership could then result from these interactions.

4- Create Your Own Product/Service and Sell it via Your threads

One of the most used methods currently by content creators to monetize their audience on Threads is to create their own product/service and highlight it more or less directly through their threads and threads.

By product, this can be a PDF, an online training course, software, consulting services, or even physical products depending on the theme of your account.

The advantage of this approach is once again keeping 100% of the revenue for yourself without being dependent on a third party.

5- Create a Subscription-Based Paid Newsletter and Promote it via Threads

Particularly trendy at the moment, the creation of paid newsletters is an excellent way to make money thanks to a Threads audience.

Some creators manage to earn from several hundred euros to several tens of thousands of euros per month (ex: @snowball) thanks to their specialized paid newsletter.